WOX-HELPFUND donates 600 STEEM to @irenenavarroart to help her son with an operation. The son has 80% obstruction of the airways due to hypertrophy of nasal turbinates and adenoids

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The board of WOX-HELPFUND has decided to donate 600 STEEM to @irenenavarroart to help her son with an operation


You can read more,
the post from @irenenavarroart

Transfer of the donation from WOX-HELPFUND


Regards, the board of @wox-helpfund
@the-gorilla @the100 @adeljose @sultan-aceh @xpilar

In the past, we have donated Steem to 9 people. Total 5850 Steem

Thanks to all our Sponsors who give% of their post / rewards to @wox-helpfund and to all of you as delegation to @bidvote.

Thanks to all of you who buy an upvote from @bidvote. Without you, this would not be possible to make donations to good causes

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What is @wox-helpfund, it is meant to be able to help needy people in the world for example orphanages other humanitarian purposes.

You can now become part of this project by delegating or buying votes "@bidvote",

You can also support @wox-helpfund if you set @wox-helpfund as recipient when you post


How often it can be applied for funds from the fund depends on the size of the fund. All applications must go through an approval first. "@wox-helpfunds" board members.

Board members are
@the-gorilla @sultan-aceh @adeljose @the100 @xpilar

You can now become part of this project by delegating or buying votes
Feel free to make suggestions for our innovation in Steem Blockchain

cc: @pennsif

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Thank you very much, I cannot contain my emotion, I am moved by such a kind gesture of help, when @adeljose told me to publish my son's medical data, I really did not think that they would choose me for help, that is, I know there is a lot people from many parts of the world going through difficult situations, that is why I feel very honored to receive this help, I had been a little absent from the platform and returned to my usual publications a short time ago, thanks to this I feel even more motivated to continue posting. I want the universe to give back what it has given to each person who has used the beneficiary option or who helps in some way so that the donations reach more people in the world. I hope that this year 2022 comes loaded with good things for all the administrators, moderators and users of this community Thank you so much ❤

Muchisimas gracias, no ouedo contener la emoción, estoy conmovida por tan bondadoso gesto de ayuda, cuándo @adeljose me dijo que publicara los datos médicos de mi hijo realmente no pensé que me escogerian a mi para la ayuda, es decir, se que hay mucha gente de muchas partes del mundo atravesando por situaciones dificiles, por eso me siento muy honrada por recibir esta ayuda, yo habia estado un poco ausente de la plataforma y regrese a mis publicaciones habituales hace poco tiempo, gracias a esto me siento aun mas motivada a continuar publicando. Deseo que el universo les retribuya lo dado a cada persona que haya usado la opcion de beneficiario o que ayude de alguna forma a que las donaciones alcancen a mas personas en el mundo. Espero que este año 2022 venga cargado de cosas buenas para todos los administradores, moderadores y usuarios de esta comunidad
Mil gracias ❤

Greetings friend @xpilar

This is another great help provided by the @wox-helpfund project, I hope it will be of great help to my friend @irenenavarroart.


Yes, they hope to get that operation for their son in the new year


Thank you very much @adeljose there is no word to express my greatest gratitude. A hug and that the universe returns all good that you do multiplied by a thousand

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His help was very useful for their son.

Wow wenderfull post❤💪

This is a great act of kindness, God bless y'all

Happy New Year @genesischo @neimar25 @roxandra
Friends support my channel, follow up and vote in comments...
I hope you do your best.
I always support you too.
Add @mamraj2020 when commenting.

Que buena donación amigo.

really very helpful for those who are in need of help. 🤝

Semoga abang cepat sembuh

Una bendición este maravilloso proyecto como todo lo que emprende este gran equipo. Son geniales y bondadosos. Y para la amiga que todo salga excelente en la operación.

Excelente trabajo, son esas cosas que hacen grande está plataforma 👏🥇.
Hay que seguir apoyando.

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Thank you @pennsif

I have included this post in the 29th issue of Steem News Magazine For Steemit Platform | December 31, 2021.


Thank you @amryksr

:) Happy New year 2022:)

Have a pleasant COVID-19 free year ahead

Incredible action. Hopefully useful for those in need🤲