Screams of Silence / My first NFT on NFTShowroom



The original Gif is bigger but for some reason #Steempeak when uploading it was not seen so I had to reduce it a bit.

Very good weekend Steemians!!!

I was going to publish yesterday but between the problems in electricity and the Internet I did not have a chance… I am happy because yesterday was my first time, yes, the first time I tokenized one of my works through the #NFT and thanks to the team from @NFTShowroom who allowed me to do it.

My intention was to create my first #NFT a few days ago but my laptop gets worse every day, before, I could make videos while creating my jobs, now I can't do that apart from nowhere it damages PSD files making me lose hours of work And to complete a few days ago when I went to render my #Gif, Photoshop was stuck and after many minutes it gave me an error when saving the #Gif… that's why I must gather as much as I can to buy a laptop or More powerful PC that allows me to work without so many problems.

For my first #NFT I wanted to start by creating a very personal series that I gave the name Midnight Dreams in which I will try to create art based on my dreams, in my publication I talked a little about the problems that I have been facing bedtime for a while, I do everything to avoid it but tiredness always beats me and everything happens when I sleep… mostly bad things, well, because of the madness of my dreams I think they are bad things, but maybe it is something else, I don't know. I try to stay up late at night drawing and most of the time when I feel very sleepy I go and dedicate myself to playing #Splinterlands until very late but there always comes a time when I can't stand it and I fall asleep… if they don't believe me they can go to and you will see the time I spend playing until, I come back and repeat, I can't stand it and I fall asleep.

But well, the truth is that I am very happy for my first #NFT and a few hours ago my joy increased even more when I saw that of the 3 editions of my work I had already sold 2, I looked to know who to thank for the purchase but not I know where you can see who buys your art and no matter how much I search I did not find anything, hehehehehe but nothing… thank you very much to those two people who bought my art, I thank them very, very much. ;)

I leave the link of my work if you want to support me even more and buy the latest edition that is available:

That's all for today, happy afternoon to all and thank you very much for supporting me, see you very soon!!! <3 <3 <3



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Always grateful. ;)

Que hermoso tu trabajo te felicito!! en cuanto al sueño trata de relajarte a la hora de ir a la cama eso te ayudara a concebir el sueño, soy dibujante pero no se como comenzar a publicar por aquí, sera que hay que hacer una presentación de mi primero?.felicidades eres muy bueno!!!


Hola @yurimar, como estas?

Primeramente te pido disculpas por no haberte respondido antes pero si, la verdad lo mas aconsejable para que la comunidad te conozca un poco es que hagas una presentación de quien eres, que haces y que es lo te gusta o harás en la comunidad... como ultimo consejo es que uses las etiquetas correctas y te unas a comunidades donde puedas publicar tus obras, ejemplo GEMAS o WORLD OF XPLIAR.

Espero que te haya servido de algo mis consejos... nos vemos pronto. ;)


Gracias amiguita, por tomarte unos minutos y orientarme por este camino..tomare tu consejo, espero seguir viendo tu trabajo es hermoso.


No te preocupes cualquier cosa si te puedo ayudar con gusto lo hago y muchas gracias espero que mis nuevos trabajos te sigan gustando. ;)


Nueva mente gracias!! ya realice mi presentación.. espero que me conozcan en esta comunidad, me encanta su contenido!!

oh guao que interesante tu arte digital quedo increible


Saludos @elvlogdedany y muchas gracias por ver y pensar eso de mi trabajo. ;)