Introduce myself in the WORLD OF XPILAR

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Hello friends, everyone.
On this occasion I just joined here at Steemit.
Actually I wanted to introduce myself a few days ago, but the circumstances that made it impossible were caused by circumstances, so tonight I can only introduce myself.

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I joined here because I was inspired by @sultan-aceh and also @jasonmunapasee. And also some other friends in this community.
I joined here directly with the local community WORDL OF XPILAR because I was invited by @jasonmunapasee.

@jasonmunapasee gave me a suggestion, if you play you have to stay in one community, and I am interested in this WORDL OF XPILAR community with their original content.
Their posts are all their own works without copying and pasting.

My name is: @zubir-steem.
20 years old.
My last education was junior high school.
My job is a construction worker, and that's not certain.

I dropped out of school because of the economy we have, hopefully with me joining this community my life will be brighter and I also invest and do #promo-steem together in Aceh.

I really hope the support from friends here especially to @sultan-aceh and @xpilar. And also to @jasonmunapasee who introduced me to #steemit.

After I have been accepted as a member of this community, I will slowly build our little team together with other members of the WORLD OF XPILAR Community.

Thank you very much
Signed @zubir-steem.

Thank you very much
Signed @zubir-steem.

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Hi @zubir-steem

Welcome to the Steem community and the World of Xpilar local community


thank you friends .. I hope I'm happy to join this community @xpilar

Hai @zubir-steem

Happy JOINING in #steemit With introduceyourself in
Community World of Xpilar

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Thank you for your support friend @aceh-team

Welcome to join here @zubir-steem.
Hopefully you will feel at home here.
Keep spirit.


thank you very much for your support friend @jasonmunapasee


Selamat datang di Steemit
Dan selamat bergabung di komunitas hebat @xpilar. Sukses selalu buat sobat 👍

Keep spirit


Terima kasih kawan @midiagam


Get, saban-saban 😊

Hai sahabat @zubir-steem

Salam kenal, saya telah membaca postingan perkenalan diri anda yang sangat baik, dan saya mengutip sedikit mengenai tulisan anda:

Saya putus sekolah karena ekonomi yang kita miliki, semoga dengan bergabung dengan komunitas ini hidup saya lebih cerah dan saya juga berinvestasi dan melakukan # promo-steem bersama di Aceh.

Dari cerita anda diatas, saya membayangkan betapa banyaknya pengangguran terjadi di Aceh. Tapi dari semangat dan ketekunan anda, mungkin akan membawa diri anda kearah yang lebih baik lagi dan semoga sukses selalu.

Dengan dukungan dari @sultan-aceh dan @jasonmunapasee, saya yakin anda akan berkembang di Steemit.

Regards, @new-spirit.


Terima kasih banyak kawan @new-spirit

Selamat bergabung
Semoga terus sukses


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hi @zubir-steem

Glad you have made the introduction,in World Of Xpilar Community
We welcome you to post on #aceh-team
World Of Xpilar Community

World Of Xpilar Community
Support Member SP. 100 Delegation 3 month


Thank you again @jasonmunapasee

Greetings, World Of Xpilar Community Moderators


Thank you for your support @sultan-aceh

Hi @zubir-steem
Welcome to the Steemit community! I'll follow you.