Your Top 3 - March 2020 - My Worst Movies


I haven't written a movie review for some time since there hasn't been anything worth watching or anything that has had enough nostalgia or marketing behind it to trick you into watching it.

Most of the movies I've seen lately have been mediocre, and it seems like its spit out by an AI just trying to find the least amount to do to make an acceptable movie.

But selecting the ones that are genuinely horrible was harder than I thought.

This is my entry into this month’s Top 3 contest.

This months topic is Worst Movies

All the movies I've picked are big screen adaptations because I feel that with the amount of money bankrolling these movies, the actors available and the story already written and well-loved you don't need much to make a successful movie and yet these bombed pretty severely.

It's also annoying because as a fan of these stories, you already know the level of storytelling and anything less is going to make you cringe. It's like selling you the generic knock off of the original and getting you to pay a premium for it.

That's why I've selected the following trainwrecks.

NoNominationMy Reasons for the Nomination
1Batman & Robin
Batman is hands down my favourite superhero character, but when this mess rolled around, I had to think twice. It was so bad I couldn't imagine having another batman movie after this until Christopher Nolan rebooted it for us and gave us the best superhero movie franchise of all time. The acting was horrible; it was like a High school musical; everyone looks like they're about to forget their lines and checking if they're still rolling. The script was horrible and campy, and it felt more like a parody than an actual movie.
2 Fantastic Four
I honestly don't know why Sony persists trying to milk the superhero franchise; they had a little bit of success with the first spider-man, then the mediocre 10 X-men movies and then revived it with Deadpool but for the most part they suck at it. The first two fantastic four movies were lame and campy and didn't do much for the franchise, but it was okay to watch, and the actors tried. This time around it was a complete shit show with the reboot. The acting was awful; it was as if everyone checked out and just wanted their paycheque so they could move on. The movie itself didn't make any sense, and the CGI was truly painful to watch.
3The Last Air Bender
M. Night Shyamalan loves his plot twists; sometimes, it works out with Signs and Split; other times, you get this rubbish. The Last Air Bender was so bad that it tanked the series of movies it was planning to be at the first hurdle. The acting was deadpan at best; the lead was unlikeable, the amount of CGI was way over the top and not that good, the story was rushed and pulled aspects from the series in a way that didn't make sense. It upset the fan base, and thankfully, it was enough for the pain to stop here.

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Lol...didn't see any of them though...maybe except the Batman and Robin cartoon 😁

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Then you’re lucky, please avoid this like the plague it’s a few hours of your life you can use for something more constructive

Oh gosh I remember how terrible Batman & Robin was. Definitely lacking on all fronts. I am much more of a Christian Bale as Batman kind of gal. I actually can't say I've seen the other two, I don't believe, so I'll make sure to leave them off the "must see" list. ;) Good luck this round!


LOL I will forever be scared by the nipple and crotch shots in that movie! Oh and the one liners a were so bad I feel like everyone involved in it should be taking it off their IMDB pages



OMG YES! Another that thinks the Avatar movie was horrible. I am a fan of the series and this movie just crushed me. It was just so awful it could make one cry from frustration. Notice, it made #1 on my list of bad movies in my post .

Batman and Robin... honestly, why is there even a Robin. Does Batman really need a sidekick when his whole outfit and car and everyone he works with is sufficient? A bat and a bird don't even mix... Just my thoughts. :p


Me too, I loved the series but the movie ah it missed the mark so bad I don’t even know how it got passed surely they know people who know the source material and would say this is not going to go down well

I think they wanted to be as over the top as possible with this one and it missed the mark I mean it can’t appeal to children or adults it’s just bad! I wouldn’t wish watching it on my worst enemy


I have no idea how it got out. Did it pass the deadline and ran out of money and say it's now or never? Did they hope the general of people didnt see the series?

This picture here makes me think how the movie was made...


Seems there was a common theme of shocking acting performances in all of these. Unsurprising seeing as they were pretty whack. Haven't seen the last Air Bender and after reading your reviews, that shall remain.

Good luck in the contest


I don’t know if they were told to be shitty or they just had no motivation because apart from the last air bender the actors in the other movies did pretty well in other projects

I guess superhero movies are just the show up and get paid kinda gig


Yea turn up, get paid, go home 🤑 eyes must light up when they get invited to such a gig haha

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Hey @chekohler

Totally agree with B&R. It's clearly the worst Batman attempt, although Ben Affleck?
I'm a big fan of the Michael Keaton version but I like the Bale stuff too.

I haven't watched the last airbender but vaguely remember watch the Fantastic 4. Vaguely kind of says it all, I guess.

Nice job and good luck.


Don't know them. Now I'm even less likely to! LOL

I haven't watched two of the three but I have watched Batman & Robin (worst Batman movie created to date).

I did enjoy the fantastic four 2005 version, I have no clue how it holds up to date.

Nice choices, good luck in the Dpoll.

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