My top 3 LEAST favorite movies!


Definitely this is a very interesting top 3, since things are not always as we want, or at least as we imagine them, in more than one opportunity it has happened to me that I have months waiting for a movie and when I manage to get the time and money to go to the cinema to see it my surprise is the opposite to positive. I think this contest is going to be really fun.

This is my entry into this month's Top 3 contest.

This months topic is LEAST Favourite Movies

My Nominations are:

Nomination Number One

The Happening

My Reasons for the Nomination

I remember that when I went to see this movie we went with a group of friends and my boyfriend for that time, and they all wanted to see another one that right now I don't remember the name, I had so many expectations about it, they had spoken to me very well, so I insisted that we see that movie. The truth is that halfway through the movie we wanted to leave, the idea of a killer breeze that communicates through the trees and made people kill themselves, really made us laugh, the whole group including my boyfriend told me that they had lost the money thanks to me, they still take it out on me when they remember.

Nomination Number Two

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

My Reasons for the Nomination

Many will hate me, because others have found it to be an excellent film, but I must confess that I fell asleep in the middle of the film, I was bored as I had never been with a film, I had many expectations about it, I had been told about the book and I expected more excitement, and the truth is that what I got was a bunch of nudity without meaning that did not add real value to the film.

Nomination Number Three

The Conehead

My Reasons for the Nomination

It is likely that many do not even remember, and it is good that it happens hahaha, this film showed us some aliens with cone heads (really have a head like an egg) that come to earth and try to lead the life of a normal family, the daughter of the family falls in love with a classmate and have sex just touching their heads, ok I think this was not to scare the little ones, but come on the truth is that this movie was lousy, thank God I think they have forgotten the TV channels.

The truth is that there is a big list of lousy movies, all the old Superman ones, just like Batman and Robin hahaha just remembering their costumes, in short, this initiative suggested by our dear @tryskele is really great.

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Oh my gosh, Coneheads was pretty terrible! I had forgotten about that one, but definitely don't need to see it again. I remember seeing The Happening and being quite underwhelmed, as well. I can't say I've seen your second choice, but sounds like I'm not missing much there either! Thanks for joining us this month for a fun twist on the Top 3!

  ·  작년

They are definitely all bad hahaha, thanks to you for keeping this alive despite so many problems in steemit these days, I really love you guys!


We were definitely a bit worried with all that was going on to start out the month, but happy that despite it all we are still getting some good participation with great entries! That's really all we want to do with the contest--keep it fun and light no matter what else is going on. :)

  ·  작년

This situation really has us all on edge and with many expectations, hopefully everything will be solved for the good of the community, but in the meantime we have some fun!

I haven't watched all three of your selections @fmbs25 You have saved me from 7 hours of hell, by the sounds of it. So I thank you for that. 😁

I have to disagree on the old Superman's. The ones with Christopher Reeve that is. I grew up on these and love 1, 2 and 3. I've never watched 4 because it truly does look very bad.

Great job as always and good luck.


  ·  작년

Old super hero movies always seemed bad to me hahaha I'm sorry, I know super hero lovers would hate me for that kind of comment!

Bahahaha! The coneheads! Oh it was awful but the... the... what to call it scene... the cone sex scene? That was pretty funny. The only time that movie made me laugh.

LOL I forgot about the Coneheads, you really went deep to find that and I must have repressed that memories. As for the happening, it really was sad because the story had potential but M night is such a hit and miss

I don't know those, but I'll be sure to stay away! lol

I only heard of the name of the film "The Happening" but when you describe the plot how it is, that really does sound terrible haha! Perfume, as you described it, just sounds like an adult film and Coneheads sounds like the alien version of Perfume!

Thank you for warning me of what sound like truly awful films lol!

Thanks for entering and good luck with the contest!

  ·  작년

Thank you for always managing to keep us entertained,


You're most welcome young bean!

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Hey @fmbs25

Completely ignore me!! I'm having a senior moment. Lol

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