A Single Penalty : A SPORT FREEWRITE

2개월 전

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Decking all players mute
Never giving a chance
A leg for a foot
Scoring a goal, he never dance
Sad as a mule, quite as clam
This single penalty
Made the boy a man.
Passing the ball quick
Fear gripped him so fast
From a passing kick
To effortless dribbling
He came to the field as nothing
Sold as the most expensive jewelry
Both for the club and team
A profit to all that made him
A star, legend, history on the field.
Transfer window came in
Sold to the highest bidding
Paid in the cryptocurrency
To a new star with a new demand
His strength wane not
Netring more scores
Making goals more
Not a ending, not even a stop.
An entry into @mariannewest everyday freewrite.

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Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful poem with us. Keep it up


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