Not A Single Goal : A SPORT FREEWRITE.

2개월 전

The dunking was close
Dribbling so fast
Pass never came through
Opponents were starched
We tried our best, tired
Made the ball
Lost the floor
Fans wouldn't cheer
Messed up friends.
The final was close
Sad, I mean the coach
Gloomy, downtrodden
Technical team with wet nose
The field was combed
Not a single goal
We left for home
Facing our kids, families
Perhaps they'll leave us alone.
The next leg came
Linning up as a team
Ready to set the pace
To win the game
Take the trophy
Lead the league
Be the best.
An entry into @mariannewest everyday freewrite.

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Thank you very much sir for such an awesome post, please keep sharing such poetry with us.



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