Steem Power Rewards


Hola Steemit Team,

I think earnings for Steem Power should be a lot more for several reasons.

  1. Since stake usually determines earnings nothing is lost and It will encourage more people to remain powered up. Earnings from Content & Steem Power are more of the same anyways.

  2. As more users join the platform and issues with the "tokenomics" re-emerge, chipping Steem Power into a vehicle Steemit L33td can use to scale will be a great tool. The Steemit L33td Central Bank making market conditions optimal.

  3. It would also be helpful when payouts are reduced. I think mega-earning visuals are indirectly scammy and as a result, people leave in disappointment. Whereas if everything were more realistic and less manipulative they would hang out a little longer.

Also, what do you call this? Social Defi, Sofi, or my favorite So-Fine.

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