Trustless Votes


Hey Steemit team,

How do you feel about trustless auto-votes? I think that the Steemit stake will be in use for a long time to stimulate community growth. However, some tasks such as reading are very tedious and take away from other developments.

If whitelisted bloggers/vloggers receive the benefit of the doubt and upvoted x amount of times weekly I think it is a good idea for several reasons.

  1. It'll democratize their content and give more independence from Steemit themes.
  2. Steemit would be able to focus more on newer users and foster more communities of stronger shared interests.

I also think any suggestions from the community that is implemented should be rewarded. 1-5 SBD at these prices? For the longest time, irrelevant communities were pinned at the top, yet nothing was said tee hee hee.

I think there was a lot of learned helplessness being pushed for the majority of Steemit's history. There is still some rust. Tron has a modest history of implementing community suggestions let's have that rewarded here!

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