Don’t Put Off the Things You Really Want!



“Only delay until tomorrow what you're willing to die having left undone.” Pablo Picasso

Meaning of the Quote:

You only put off for tomorrow the things that you do not want to die, not having done them.

Discussion of the Quote:

The time is now to try and do thing that you simply aren't willing to die not having done them. Each day you put off taking action on the things you want to achieve you risk losing the chance to accomplish your dreams.
Procrastination will always rob you of the chance to realize your dreams whatever they're . There is no tomorrow, the only time you have to take action is not yesterday nor tomorrow if you are not willing to die having left them undone then you have to begin now.

Final Thoughts:

When It involves our business dreams and goals, we've to start taking action now, in order that within a given amount of your time we'll achieve them. If these goals and dreams matter to us, we will take action now not a month from now or a year from now. All we have is now. Pastime has gone, the future is not here now. So start taking action on your business dreams and goals that you aren't willing to die having not done them. Remember you only regret the things that you never did.

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