Contest!!! Contest!! Contest!: Tell Us How Club5050, Club75 & Club100 Has Impacted Your Life.

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Hello guys,

Without any doubt, I will say that #club5050, #club75 and #club100 are the initiatives that have vehemently taking grounds on the steem blockchain currently. All these initiatives are geared towards investing in to the steem blockchain because that is what we should do in order to give steem the upper hand and advantage in the market, since the inception of these initiatives, they has been immersed support and power ups of steem by members through these initiatives, I guest after all it was a good move by the steemit team.

Let's me say something small about #club5050, #club75 and #club100. I know there has been a lot of tutorials on @steemitblog and also on @steem-ghana on the eligibilities and how one can support these initiatives, I recommend everyone to go check it out.

This is a post made on steem-ghana by @nattybongo on the #club5050 and its eligibility and how it works, I encourage everyone to check it out here.

Before I touch on how these initiatives have impacted my life, let's me take you through how I committed myself to supporting these initiatives, though as a newbie and earning little to none on my earnings, I still committed to 100% power of my little steem inorder to be a part of these initiatives.

I have been consistent with powering up the little steem earn, I personally believe in a simple principle, that is, no investment is small and little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. With this, no amount of steem deter me from powering up.

Now, I must say that ever since I started supporting these initiatives, I haven't actually received any significant support on my posts. Though at times I feel discourage but I never relent because after all, I am investing in myself both financially and mentally. #club5050, #club100, and #club75 have actually done one great thing in my steemit life, that is, team work. Supporting #club5050 and #club100 has inculcate in me the spirit of team work and the sense of community support. Before these initiatives, power up of steem was already there, but with these initiatives, I feel like am part of a club and also contributing my quota to make sure steem grow. Through this, I have gained some recognition on the platform too which I think is very good for my steemit life. I am looking forward to start reping the good seed I have sowed and I know with time it will come back in double folds 😊.

This contest is a very good way to promote these initiatives, congrats to @steem-ghana for always promoting this initiative. I want to end by inviting all Steemians to support this initiative, no matter how small your contributions might be, it is still important to add value, remember that no investment is small 😊


Thank you

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thank you participating in this contest and also taking up the initiative seriously.


Is my pleasure 😊.

Thanks very much for sharing with us how greatly #club5050 is impacting your life.


Is my pleasure 😊.