Contest! Contest!! Contest!!! : Tell us what can be done by leaders to sustain the current active members

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Hello everyone,

This contest is so awesome and am so excited about it, because I started this steemit journey with some friends but they couldn't keep up and eventually gave up and some are on the verge of giving up too, with this opportunity, we can air out our challenges and ways to resolve them inorder to grow stronger as a community.

Thanks to @steem-ghana for another great contest and especial thanks to @kookd and @oppongk for this good initiative, the activeness of members depicts their happiness, and contribution towards the growth and development of the community. If members tend to be inactive, it could be a number of reasons why it so and through this contest, I will outline some of the reasons and some possible solutions I personally think is causing this menace.

The @steem-ghana community has an average of 5% of members being active, this is not encouraging and I can confidently say that over 50% of the inactive members are mostly newbies, you see, from personal experience, when you join steemit as a fresh member, there is a level or Barrier that you have to surpass inorder to get notice and start enjoying the platform, below this level or barrier is more like survivers of the fitters 😊, and that is where newbies get discourage and remain inactive for the rest of their steemit life. And this is as a result of not getting commensurate rewards for their efforts, at times when I go through the community, I ask myself if steemit is really about rewarding quality post or your level of influence on the platform. I will like to encourage leaders to create an account purposely for newbies with good contents, this way we will be motivated to stay active

The only thing that makes steemit unique from its counterparts until recently is that, it rewards it members for posting and this rewards supposed to come from we the members, but thank God we have curators and booming supports from the steemit board, but the big question is, how many gets this support? How many out of the 2000+ members will get this support if we all decide to post consistently?. You see that definitely despair and frustrations will set in leaving plenty members inactive. The point am trying to raise here is community building and self sustainability.

Let me give credence to some points raised in the contest post which says that "the growth and development of any community hinges on the active participation, contribution and dedication of its members.". Here you can see that the people makes up the community, so this contest is more like suggest what we should do to ourselves to be active. The resource pool of the community can be built by the members and for the members because we are the community, inorder to sustain members, the community should be self sustainable through members contributions of their resources to the community, I know efforts have been made to achieve this but there is more room for improvement. I think if we build ourselves as a community, we can support ourselves by rewarding every member according to his or her efforts and not necessarily depending on curators support which is not enough for the community, this way, everyone will be active and happy steeming.

A good initiative worth supporting
The tracking and records of members is very important in community building and members activeness, though I joined this platform recently, I have not seen any weekly or monthly report of activities of members regarding how many newbies have joined this week or month, have they completed their introduction posts, has it been supported by curators to keep them motivated etc, yes the new comers community might be responsible for that, but I think as a community, our leaders should also try to fish out and monitor the activities of their newbies. At times it is not all about up votes that matters, acceptance and acknowledge is also key, mentioning my name in a weekly report by leaders showing that I have joined steemit and @steem-ghana for that matter show a sense of acceptance and feeling of being home. I learnt our leaders use to do weekly report but since I joined almost two months now haven't seen anything like that, leaders let's bringing it again because it can help members activeness

Also as a community, we can always organise some annual meet ups and games in our respective countries or communities, seeing ourselves in persons creat that cohesion among us giving is a sense of family. I learnt early this year there was one, can't wait for the next one. I like to suggest to leaders to keep on this initiative because it can also help in the activeness of members and also bringing new members on board.

I will like to end by advising my colleagues who just joined and struggling to make it to exercise patience and not give up. You can take part in a contest like this and any other contest because is a good way to get notice and also try to produce quality and unique and plagiarized free contests. The option is not to become inactive remember that nothing good comes easy, we can also take advantage of #club5050 to get curators attention. Steemit needs active members, let me be quick to had that when signing someone on board we should let them know that is not all about roses and making money but it requires hard work and commitment.

I think with these few mentions points, members will be encouraged and stay active for the community to be engaging and fun, let's steem on!!!! 💪


Thank you 🙏

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Thanks very much for your entry

Thanks very much for taking part in this contest. Good luck!