My Town In Ten Pics : Ashaiman fitter line, Greater Accra Region (3/12/2021) // #club5050

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Hello guys,

Fitter line in Ashaiman is known to be a place where most car owners both commercials and private get their cars fixed, they can even remold parts of damage cars or cars involved in accidents to make them look new. There are also scrap dealers, welders, aluminum coal pot makers etc. One disadvantage thing about fitter line is that, it is considered as a slum because of its nature, some workers have mounted wooden structures for shelters and it is also located below electric pylons, there is also a large refuse dump there where people around dificate. This create a haven for drug dealers and thieves, hence, it is considered as one of the slums in Ashaiman.

In this post, I want to share with you some pictures of fitter line, to show you why I gave it the descriptions above 😊.

No. 1

Some of the wooden structures in fitter line

This is a wooden structure that workers in fitter line sleep in, as you can see, is very small with small windows and some stones kept on the roof to support it from strong wind.

No. 2

A block and a wooden structure

This is a block structure, in fitter line, leaving in a block structure like this is seen as a luxury. And it contains not less than three people in a single room.

No. 3

Scraps gathered to be sold

Scraps gathered from damage cars and anything metal, these scrap dealers buy from individuals who go around collecting pieces of metals. They gather it in large quantities and then transport it to bigger scrap companies.

No. 4

This is a bath house

This is a wooden structure that serves as a bathroom in fitter line, is being used by almost everyone in this area.

No. 5

Damaged vehicles

These vehicles are involved in accidents and are brought to fitter line to be fixed, I must say that, the fitters here are very good in their job and I wouldn't be surprised to see these vehicles looking good again after they work on them.

No. 6

Old structures and vehicles

Some vehicles has been there for a very long time due to financial problems faced by their owners.

No. 7

A provision store

This is the only provision store around, people some times come to sit there and chat and play games.

No. 8

Aluminum coal pot

Aluminum coal pots are made from melted aluminum casted in a molded coal pot, the molding is done with think dark moisted soil. One is cost between 40 to 50 Ghana cedis.

No. 9

Very poor drainage system

One disadvantage thing about fitter line is the drainage system, it is very poor. Because of this, it smell bad and overflows any time it rains.

No. 10

Rubbish dump

This is a rubbish dump which serves as a dumping site for not only people in fitter line, but also to the surrounding areas. People also do open dification there which poses a lot of harm to the people.

This is a brief description of fitter line, I hope to bring you more pictures of my surroundings. Have fun and steem on!!!!


Thank you

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The is not an encouraging place to stay. What are you doing about that or have you done something personally to ensure the place is comfortable for staying.

Thanks for sharing.


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