The Power of the Mind ๐Ÿค”!!!!!

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Hello guys,

We some times under estimate the power of our mind, one great man once said, before you can build, you have to first imagine. Imagination is allowing your mind to see your wishes in a more clearer form. The mind is limitless, we are always limited by the sight of our eyes, but with our mind, we are limitless. It is not a respector of time, obstacles, darkness or distance, our mind is so powerful that it can even transcend generations and times. I really think that one of the secret to being successful is being successful in your mind, I always say that these rich folks we see around the world are not just rich materially, but their riches is the manifestation of what is within their mind

We can't experience how great our mind is until we nurture it, at times we are oblivion to this fact which makes us seems so incapacitated in terms of reaching our full potentials. How often do you feed your mind ? Even on the steem blockchain, some percentage of the reward generated by the blockchain are rewarded to members base on proof of brain, until you feed your brain, there wouldn't be anything to proof. The power of your mind can build your future, always envision with your mind because greatness start from the mind and it is manifested through discipline and hard work.

How do you imagine yourself on steemit for the next two years, how do you imagine your dream house and car, imagination create the blue print to act upon, am not saying we should imagine and leave it there, no!!! we have to go ahead and work hard on achieving it. Dreams and imaginations will remain so if nothing is done to achieve them, I imagine myself having at least 500SP before 2021 ends, to achieve this, I have to support #club5050 and power up more. Until I imagine with my mind, I can't take any step but with my mind, I create the path to greatness.

The genesis of your greatness start from your mind, dream and imagine big, it might come true as the song writer said. Nurture your mind with the right information and allow it to manifest in your life, let's steem on๐Ÿ’ช!!!!.

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After having had a course in Neuro anatomy and physiology i can vehemently attest to the fact that the mind is one of our greatest tools and assets and if nurtured right everything would be within our grasp.

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Yes, when the mind is able to function well the whole being would be active.


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I think you deserve club5050 support!

My pleasure ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.

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