We need each other!!!!🥰🥰🥰

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Hello fellows

It is often said that "no man is an island", and everyone needs someone in one way or the other, I couldn't agree less, it is very true that no human being is totally independent. I am not talking about depending on God or any other source of worship, I am talking about a college human being like you, yes we need each other. Even if you think you are so independent, on your death bed, you will be carry by someone so let's be humble.

There is an old adage in my local language that says that "even if the rich man needs nothing from the poor man, he will one day ask for a stitching needle". God blesses us through someone, in any point of our life, we will always need someone to scratch our back. No matter how rich, influencial or connected you are, you still need someone. Let's consider this, the rich man needs the poor man to serve him and the poor man needs the rich man to survive, we need each other.

If we want to go fast we walk alone, but if we want to go far in life, we have to walk together. There is a lot we can achieve when we work together. Two good heads are far better than one, even in times of trouble, we need each other for comfort. This tells us that, appreciation and showing gratitude is very important, respecting each other us human beings is also very important. No one is useless, everyone has a vital role to help someone so let's see each other us brothers and sisters.

Even on steemit, we need each other to grow, passing good comments, correcting each other and helping each other is the best way.

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We are really each brother's keeper. Life is just supporting each other and showing great love.

Thanks very much for supporting club5050. I checked your wallet and you deserve club5050 support. My pleasure 😃!


Thank you so much, really need that support 😊.