Knowing When to Let Go

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The Idea of letting go of something or someone can be very difficult for one to accept, the fear of losing out or losing someone, the fear of what could have been, and the pain, and all that comes with it can be a difficult thing to imagine or embrace.


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Something This fear or pain can be so great that It keeps us from doing the right thing, from doing what ought to be done. It keeps us stuck in a hell loop one that we know to be detrimental to us and yet to still hold.

It makes one wonder why do we do such a thing? And how do we know when it is time to let go and again, how do we let go when we get to know that the time is now? It is as simple as it can be. Holding on to something that is causing more harm than good to you is not something you should tolerate or allow.

The More you do this the more harm you cause for yourself, it locks you up in the forms of bondage and damages your mental health such that eventually when you let go you may end up going back or you may not be able to cope with its been aways which adds salt to injury.


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Again, letting go should be done without looking back because then there would be the temptation to want to go back to the hell hole we may have already managed to creep out from and emotions can be a powerful and dangerous tool that has led many people astray in ways they couldn’t have possibly imagined.

So let go and don’t look back, don’t be afraid to cut those that need cutting off, off, there are better days ahead…

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It is indeed true to let it go but sometimes is not easy to let it go

it is very important to know when to forget about some issues and other matters bothering you. Great entry and all the best.

Thank you for sharing dear friend.