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Hello friends good evening. I am doing good by the grace of the almighty God and I hope you are also doing well as I am now. Welcome to my steemit blog once again. I has been a good and wonderful day today as I went to church and worship my creator for his love and grace upon me am my family as well as my friends too. God of Jesus deserves the best and we aught to give him glory always. Today been Saturday I woke early because I didn't want to be late today as I did last week so when I wake, I did my devotion, did some small workout as well and went outside to cook myself some breakfast. I then went to the washroom to washdown.


From there, i came to my room to dress up, took my breakfast and went to the roadside to board a car to church. When I got to church after we finished our Sabbath school lesson, I then went to the church house to prepare for devine service.


It was a wonderful day to listen to the word of God. Thy word is the lamp unto my feet and its a fact, if you don't know the word which is Jesus, you are doomed. After we were done with the church service, I rest small and socialise as well. After the rest and the socialisation, I gathered the children to do some bible discussion and some rehearsals with them because the youth ministry I out church have a program this coming Friday.



When we close I went to the roadside to board the car to my house. When I got home, I did some few things to end my activities for the day.
Thank you for your time...

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