The World In Distress Because of Global Warming

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There's a saying that when the last three dies, the last man too will die. It was no coincidence when world leaders met to discuss issues pertaining to global warming and measures to put in place to curb the harmful effects global warming is having on humanity.

  • Africa will be in disadvantage considering the hot nature of some of our regions. Countries like South Sudan and some other places have experienced drought causing animals and people to die.

This really hurts a lot to see people go through pain before they take their last breath.


The case is about worsening because of massive industrialization undertaking by man countries to sustain their economies. Ghana in recent years lunch agenda one district one factory. This project when completed will also add up to the already existing harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere.

  • Weather patterns and rainy seasons have changed from the usual month causing farmers to reduce harvest. We all know our agriculture is mainly based on rain fall so little failure for rains to come down, the country suffers.


Our lands are been destroyed because of the activities of illegal mining in our forest reserves. Water bodies has been destroyed and taken over by Mercury and other harmful metals and chemical because of greed and selfishness to amass wealth to the detriment of the whole state.

Another cause of this is burning of charcoal for domestic use. People cut down tree to produce charcoal. These people after cutting down the trees and burning them for charcoal for their money, refuses to plant a new one to replace the one they fell. This has caused a drastic decrease in the number of trees in Ghana.


Selling of rose wood to foreign lands has been of great concern of citizens for sometime now. This activity had led to a reduction of rose wood in the country. It's economic important in the form of foreign exchange has since not been felt by Ghanaian's.

This are serious situations that needs everyone to be able to enhance the existence of humanity on Earth.


The government through one of it ministries embarked on youth employment program where these youth grow trees in thousands all over the country so we can protect the lives of the human and also replace some of the already fallen trees.

  • I believe the forestry commission should be given the appropriate logistics to be able to climb down on unlawful chain saw operators and people to cut trees indiscriminately for charcoal.

I believe life is more precious than gold and diamonds. Without live your diamonds and gold will be lying down so let's all make it a point to ensure that we cultivate the habit of protecting our natural environs. This way we can all stay in peace.

We have nowhere to go so let's keep our environment and trees alive. Planting trees and flowers in our various houses will also go a long to improve the situation.

Thank you.

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That's so terrible to human lives. If the world should be warmth to be unbearable for human living.

Thanks for this content.

Mmmmmmmmmm. I do not even no what to say because we know what is right but definitely we will not do it.

But thank you for reminding us about what we have to do when we are in government or in our various homes. Even burning bushes and papers also contribute in it own way.

Let's save our world.
Thanks for sharing.

We are going to face more challenges issues than this if we don’t change our attitude towards the environment..we hardly care about what is happening and what we are doing too


Thanks boss or your comment. I believe we can start some small in our neighborhood to create awareness

Our natural environment is leaving us and it will get to a time man will have to struggle. What we are experiencing now is a half bit of global warming if care isn't taken, we will be in trouble in the future.


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