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Hello my beautiful family on this noble and respected platform, how are you all doing? Today is another beautiful Tuesday for us, the second day of the week. I woke up early today at 6:30 a.m. and did all my house chores. I'm on the house just were; sweeping compound, washing of cooking tonsils and cleaning the kitchen and the toilet and bath.



After I finish all my house chores, I went to my grandmother's shop to sit there and relax myself for a while since I have no place to go. Teachers are still on strike because the government of Ghana has refused to Grant them their wishes. I am one of the teachers who are still at home because of the strike action declared by our teacher unions. The strike is all about the current hardship in the country. Inflation in the country has become unbearable which now made teachers and other government workers unresponsible because they cannot take proper care of their family since they are salaries it's not enough to face the current situation in the country. Teachers are on strike because, they are demanding for 20% "Cola", which is an increase of salary because of the hardship in the country. The government is not ready to Grant the teachers they are demand which called for the strike.



Sense I am in the house because of the ongoing strike, I left the house and went to my grandmother's provision store to sit there and chat with my grandmom. I sat there for a very long time just because I wanted to beat the time. I sat there for a very long time because I was chatting with my grandmom. We talked a lot about the current situation in the country and how government workers facing financial challenges because of the current heart in the country. I sat there for more than 3 hours before leaving my grandmother's shop.



I came home around 5 o'clock p.m. and on my television to watch some movies. Movies entertains me a lot most especially when I am alone in the room. After I watched the movies for sometime I went 2 a nearby stream at the back of my house and fetched water for bathing. I took my bath and left the house to a nearby town to visit my friend. That is my diary for today.

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Thank you for sharing with us. Movies always keep us relaxed and help us to have fun. Thank you for sharing friend.

Steem on! 😀🎉🎉


Thank you brother

Great day it was for you, I heard the leaders met government on the strike issues, How did it go?


The government turned a deaf ear to the union leaders


Oooh ok, that's not a good sign but hopping for the best outcome.