The Diary Game: Chop Time No Friend

11개월 전

Hello Steemians,

Its yet another day or night..... Its raining right now and the weather is really cool.
I was yet to eat. I was also joined by a third party who doesnt want his identity to be exposed.

We decided to order some cool fufu with the mixture of hot soups. That's my personal favorite. The mixture of groundnut soup, light soup, palm nut soup and green or nkontomire soup, the locals called it ebunebunu.

Without much a do letme share the one picture i took.


This remains me of an old saying back when we were in school

Chop time no friend.... 😂😂

I would like to acknowledge all the curators,
For their immense job to grow #steemit and #steem-ghana.

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I could see you Guys really enjoyed the "fufu" with palm nut soup, that was full of fun.

You would have expanded your work since it was more like the diary game right?

On second note, please check and edit the word : "immerse" I think it suppose to be "immense"

Thirdly, avoid mentioning many curators in your post as this would mean you are requesting some upvotes.

Thanks so much!


Thank you for the heads up

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