The Steemian Who Introduced and Change My Mindset About The Blockchain by @hubertfcofie

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Hello fellow Steemians,

I extend my greetings and great gratitude to the almighty God for the ability to be counted among the living.

On today's post, i would like to participate in this contest by telling you the person who introduced my in the Steem Blockchain.


Before Steemit, i was and still am an active cryptocurrency activist. I would normally play online games to get paid in cryptocurrency.

But it got to a point when those tricks wasn't enough.
Then my friend @ryzsfa introduced my to the future of cryptocurrency. To be honest i was very doubtful and skeptical about this project.

I had never heard of a cryptocurrency called steem or steem dollars. After long hours of research and convincing, i decided to give steemit a try because there was no harm in trying, i wouldn't lose anything I told myself.

Since i joined in May i haven't looked back since. I am constantly posting and sharing the good news for others to join. Steemit really changed my mindset if how i saw cryptocurrency and has improve my financial situation on the plus side as well.

My next struggle was how to withdraw the earned cash from the platform into my wallet. As a young boy, if i don't see any physical proof I'm not going to believe you. @ryzsfa and I quarreled alot because we both had to different views of how to transact from steem to other crypto wallets.

He preferred poloniex and I preferred binance. We did surveys and consultions to realize that binance is the best exchange for all transaction through and flow.

Its a total win win situation for all those involved.
So without @ryzsfa, i wouldn't have this opportunity to join this community. He help me through the phases as a newcomer. My introduction post, achievement posts etc., I'm truly indebted to him.

Aside @ryzsfa, @njaywan, @nattybongo and @cryptokannon as also helped me alot with the know how and the things to avoid whiles on steemit.
I acknowledge you all.

Thank you for reading.

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Great entry bro, i am reading alot about great steemians who have been doing so much for others who haven't even be know, wow this is amazing


Its true.... Our community is evolving

Is always great having someone as your teacher...I'm sure he will be there always to help you sail through and achieve greater things on steemit