My creative arts work:17/05/2021

5개월 전

Hello members of steemit,I will Like to introduce my creative arts work which is very admirable and good for the people of steem to see and also benefit my work.

Good people of steem, this image is one of my best friend who acute with me that I can have the same picture like him. So I started and he see that am creative he then added a swage to see how I can do my best. I start and ended it with surprise to him. And I please want people to have a look at it and comment on .

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Nice one bro, i don't know if you had some glitch whiles posting, you have one image in another post with similar title which is very confusing if you would please check


Ok big bro, thank you I will check.

Good work, so how did you do this work?


Is very simple to go by will fist start from the hands before you come and join the neck against the hard and then the will know come and look the image of the person means the head stalling and then go by to join it, and you finally paint it.By holding the pencil in so many ways.