A visit to proposed venues for @steem-ghana meetup.

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There's no truer statement, nothing feels much better than doing what you love doing best. Connecting with people here on the blockchain has become a daily life activity that some of us cannot live without. It is what we find ourselves doing most time. We do this with the hope of helping others to understand the reason behind hard work on steem ecosystem. This has certainly called for our gathering for a meetup which we have shared enough posts relating to the meetup that is underway. It certainly will be a beautiful moment to gather together again as one great family to make a significant impact on the lives of people.


Saphire Gardens

A massive preparation to ensure the success of the upcoming meetup has been initiated which l would love to commend the effort of all members of steem-ghana for their involvement to make this day a reality. The effort and support of members like @oppongk @nattybongo @anaman @njaywan @eliamor1 @collins @fredkese and many others. Among the various places that were suggested earlier for the meetup are to be communicated to the group about the possibility of hosting the show over there. Meanwhile, a detour took me to a new place over the weekend to make inquiries.

This is Saphire Gardens inside Kumasi. It is located in a suburb called Atesomanso in the Ashanti region of Ghana. I never thought of considering a garden for a meetup like this but my presence here to enquire about our presence here for the meeting really changed everything. Upon arrival, l loved the place already and see it as a perfect place to host our steemit meetup that is underway. It has an open wide garden filled with a bar, swimming pool, and other activities for fun. The good news about this venue is the fact that we are allowed to stay as long as the meeting lasts. Every single item of the place will be available for our use. And so l considering Saphire gardens will definitely not be a bad decision or a place to consider among the chosen places for our meeting.
An amount of 800-1000 steem will good to ensure the success of places like this for a successful meetup. A talk with the authorities of Saphire gardens has given an assurance of reduction in whatever we purchase during the period of our stay. It could be water, food, or drinks.


 Entrance of Saphire Gardens



I feel so excited to locate this place to be considered as well. The other places will possibly be worked on tomorrow by @nattybongo @anaman and of course myself @mcsamm. We hope to deliver positive feedback for the group's perusal. But before then, this is a response from the work l did on checking on the various venues for our meetup.
However, our stay here on Saphire gardens will be good enough since food and drinks are all going to be served if ordered. There's surely going to be so much beauty during this meetup should this place be chosen. The trees, grasses, and the nature of the place, coupled with our steemit t-shirt will definitely be awesome. Many thanks to all for the support and direction given on ensuring a successful meetup. We hope to see @steemcurator01 and many technocrats who have so much interest in steem meetup to support the move in any possible way.

Gallery of saphire gardens







 Photo Credit: Huawei mate 9

The above photos are a better description of Saphire Gardens which l visited over the weekend to be considered for the upcoming steem ghana meetup. I invite you to stay glued to my blog for updates about the other places that are yet to be visited. We hope to make one chosen this week to make all the necessary arrangements to serve the day.

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-23 at 18.16.29.jpeg
Thank You, @mcsamm.

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Absolutely stunning images, I believe this is a great location for a meetup, let’s finalize with @oppongk and @njaywan in the meantime I believe this is the what3words for the location; https://w3w.co/sunburn.impels.gander

Thanks for sharing


Yhu welcome

That is so great job done. The place looks so nice to meet and make fun for our meet up. My pleasure. I think we should make it a point to meet here. But I don't know if others have also spotted a new place. I think @mcsamm has done a great job, so he needs a beer 🍾🍷

Let's check other places too 😁🙏


Hahahah thanks for the beer sir

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Thanks for sharing this great post with and keep following @steemitblog for more updates.

These is really a great location for meet up, you are going places with steemit. I personally have plans too on promoting steemit better in my City Abuja.

More strength your way @mcsamm & @oppongk, the best with your heart desires.

#twopercent #nigeria


We hope to do much more than this. Thanks sir


That's good to know, anytime.

Really look like a nice place to be. Will be a good thing for us all to come together.


Can't wait to see you bring the steem love


Very beautiful images and a great location to host this event. I think we have gotten a couple nice options for our meetup now.

Thanks for your efforts @mcsamm 😊✌


Oh yes. Options to choose