MY TOWN IN TEN PICS - Buoho, Kumasi - 26th November, 2020

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Hi everyone, here are another set of photos of my town. This is my third entry and once again, I managed to capture some pictures of Buoho which I would like to share 😋. Let me now take you through the town 😊.



A former preparatory school

This used to be a prepatory school for infants. Unfortunately, they had to shut down due to poor management. It is now a household within which people live.

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Buoho Market

Here is a picture of a section of the Buoho Market. Due to the arrangement of the various stalls, I can only show a section. Here is where most of the people buy their foodstuffs for cooking.

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Plastic chairs/equipments selling point

Here is where they sell all sorts of plastic chairs as can be seen in the picture. Also, tools such as shovels, nails and brooms can also be bought here.

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Cement selling point

This shop sells cement bags for building. They have deliverey vehicles that would transport them to wherever you want but that comes at a cost.

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Gas station

This is where we refill our L.P.G gas when it is exhausted. There is usually not too many people here and it is also the closest one to us, which is why people prefer to buy from here.

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St. Francis Church

Here is the St. Francis Catholic Church. They usually come for service/worship every Sunday. It's always nice to see their annual event when Catholics come from various parts of the region.

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Over the counter medicine seller

This is mainly a drugs store but they also sell soft drinks as well. I think they did this because the stores closer tp it do not sell such items.

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Naomi's fashion shop

This is one of the seamstress shops we have. There are about 5 seamstresses who work here. They work on both men and women clothing, all you have to do is bring your cloth and choose your preferred style.

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Sliding doors/windows operators

The people who work here specialise in sliding doors and windows which can be seen in the picture. They very good at it as well. The last time we needed such services on our door they really produced great results.

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Mini Mart & Cold store

This mini mart is stocked with lots of products and tends to attract lots of customers. Also, since the market seems to be a bit far away, people tend to buy their meet from here as well.

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Hola, con cada fotos me has permitido recorrer tu pueblo, lugares tan importantes como el comercio actual, centros religiosos e incluso viejas escuelas, representan el rostro de tu comunidad de una manera muy acertada.

Las fotografías te quedaron bastante bien, muy nítidas y bien encuadradas. Te recomendaría, para hacerlas más atractivas, que juegues un poco con un editor de fotografías, verás que fácil es agregar viñetas, sombras, ambiente y hasta filtros que dan una apariencia diferente y especial.

Saludos cordiales y gracias por el viaje.



Thank you for this great and thoughtful comment @Mariana4ve. I'll keep an eye on those tools you mentioned.



Excelente estaré pendiente de tu blog. Feliz noche... o día.


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Thank you steemit team 😊🙏.