MY TOWN IN TEN PICS - Kejetia, Kumasi - 10/12/2020

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Today I visited Kejetia, the main market in Kumasi. I went there with a friend of mine and decided to take some pictures whiles passing through.

It is the biggest market in Ghana with many quality and affordable goods as well. Let me now give you a tour of our market.



Central Market Roundabout

This is the main roundabout you would see once you arriveat Kejetia. The statue is that of the Ashanti King, Nana Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

Plus Code : M9WH+R6 Kumasi



Watch Selling Area

This area is filled with watches that are being sold. Most of the watches people may want to buy can be found here.

Plus Code: M9WH+QF Kumasi



Bend-down Boutique

We call this are bend-down boutique because the clothes that are being sold here are mostly laid down. People would then have to bend down to take a vloser look at them.

Plus Code: M9XJ+HF Kumasi



Tecno Phones Shop

This shop belongs to the Tecno company. However it is not only tecno phones that are sold here since other brands of phones as well as accessories are also sold here.

Plus Code: M9WH+R3 Kumasi



Kejetia-Adum Junction

Here is the junction that separates Kejetia from Adum. Although they are all market places for the selling of goods, they are named for easy identification and direction.

Plus Code: M9WH+3C Kumasi



Shoes Selling Point

Here is the selling point of some shoes that cam be worn for official purposes. They also go for cool prices as well.

Plus Code: M9WH+64 Kumasi



Sandals/slippers Selling Point

Here are some simple footwears which can be worn in the hot season. The are very comfortable and provide room for air circulation.

Plus Code: M9WG+XF Kumasi



Yam Selling Point

Yam has become somewhat scarce in the country. It has therefore become expensive at the moment. Here is a yam selling point I came across.

Plus Code: M9WG+XC Kumasi



Hat/Cap Selling Point

This us one of the many hat/cap selling poits in the market. Their prices range between 5 - 30 cedis depending on the quality.

Plus Code: M9XH+96 Kumasi



Road leading away from Kejetia to Suame

This is where I usually take a van home. It moves from Kejetia through Suame then through to Buoho.

Plus Code: M9XH+68 Kumasi

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