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When starting something new the first question we ask ourselves is can we succeed. Can we gain as much as what others are gaining. We sometimes go to the lengths of doing what others are doing if it id working for them. It's just that sometimes what works for others wouldn't work for us.And it's just unfortunate that we loose hope early when those things are not working for us as we thought they would.

I remember when I first joined steemit I could spend the whole day going into the blogs of the steemians who were earning so much to follow their foot steps. Don't get me wrong here it's not a bad thing to learn from the best or to have role models on the platform. But mostly what we are advised to do is to get what best works for us and follow suit.



I know of people who got attention through making a lot of comments on the post of others. But there are people here who have not been able to get that same attention even though they are trying. Making comments on the posts of others is key to the growth of the platform as it opens interactions and friendships and bonds are formed through those little interactions.

It's only unfortunate that when you spend time to comment on the posts of some people it only ends with a thank you. This is sometimes very discouraging and it spoils the vibe.

We are all looking for a fast way to get attention and believe it or not we all joined the platform because of the money and the money is a form of a motivation to all of us. But others spend more time and resources to actually bring something extra to the table and I think a little effort from others will actually make things work out.



The other thing I want to talk about is the club5050 initiative. As a team member I go round posts and it is mandatory that I check your powering up status and cashout. It should be know that you are only supposed to use the tag when your power ups and cashouts are equal or the power up is morethan the cashouts in the last 30 days. If you are not eligible you are not supposed to use the tag or it is considered as spamming. We can check out club5050 eligibility status by using the tool. We should all power up and stay consistent to get might take some time but we will all get there.

Thanks for reading.

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Thank you sir, as a team member I plan on setting a good example and I think in the coming weeks I will be ready to join club75. Thank you.

Strong message. An important lesson to all newbies. Indeed we must start with a target and take conscious steps towards achieving our goal. Well done on your power ups for the past month.

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Power Ups : 345.409 STEEM

Great work buddy.


Thank you very much, the initiative is not a bad one but it has been brought out to help all of us.😊

You have also enjoyed this smile 😄.It is a wonderful experience. Anyways Thank you for being on #club5050



Yes it’s really a wonderful experience buddy😊