Club5050 Initiative (100 Steem adding up to my previous SP)

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Before I will start writing this post I will like to thank @steemitblog for such a good initiative. At first I used to do powerup or power up was my habit until happened which I can't tell those reading which brought down my activeness. About 40% of SP was the act of powering up. And after this powerup I have added about 5.43% to my SP. And about 5 months ago I joined the the Steemit Power up contest organized by @kiwiscanfly, that was my first and massive powerup I have done since I joined steemit, this is the contest post link and that is the love I have for powerups. After everything I will not forget the steemcurators, and also booming curators. My purpose is to reach 2000 plus at the end of this month. And I will also thank @oppongk for his advice. The screenshots below is the process of how I converted my steem to SP.


This is my previous steem before conversion

And before I converted my steem dollar to I was having 58 steem about 21 days ago and then I power up 29 steem which makes 50%.


My powerup 21days ago

Around 4:45pm Ghana time I decided to do the power up, and since we use Steem dollar to power up. I decided to convert all my steem dollars to steem. Then I went converted all Steem dollar to steem.


This is when I was converting my steem dollar to steem


Steem Power before powering up


After the powering up



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Well done bro, 129 steem powered up from 22/10 nice balance to transfers, keep up the good work.



You are welcome Sir

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Congratulations,. You finally listened to my advice.

From the following is my 1 month accounting period:

Powerups: 129steem

Withdrawals: Nill

You deserve #club5050 support in this capacity.

My pleasure and urge on to continue powering ups if want really want to get more support from @steemcurator01!


Thank you very much Sir

Great one it is. It is good to always power up more than you have withdraw and it is what you have done.

Thanks for the good work and for sharing.

You have been curated by @nattybongo, country representative (Ghana). We are curating using the steemcurator04 curator account to support steemians in Africa.