The Dairy Game ๐ŸŽฎ๐ŸŽฎ: 06/05/2021 My Thursday Activity (Better life On Steemit)

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Hello fellow steemians, I am here with again and I want to share with you my Thursday Activity. The Main Activity is the list of things I did from morning to evening and I will like you to go through them carefully and read them. I am @sarkodieeric1.


We bless God for his mercy and goodness upon my life. I will be glad to share with you my life Activity for Thursday. I went to school early in the morning. I put my bag in the chair and helped the students to clean up the compound. Then we took our breakfast early in the morning. And this is before we went to class.


When I came to school early in the morning

When I finished helping with the cleaning up the compound I went to class to teach and after teaching I marked their register as well. And one teacher came with his friend to register him on steemit. And we were explaining what steemit is about and then we helped him with the registration.


A colleague teacher who brought his friend for registration of the steemit

When he came to our school we introduce him to @oppongk and he was explaining and guiding him on steemit and he also helped him to open an account. And we also helped him to save his steemit keys. And he finished the registration he went away.


When @oppongk was helping and register the pupils on steemit

And when we finished the registration on steemit. The person left and then I went to class to teach again and after the teaching I came back to rest in the staff members meeting place and after that we took our lunch. And some of the primary students came to asked of chalk and we told them to sing poem. And after few minutes we closed from school.


When the primary pupils came to our school to ask for chalk

When we closed from school I went to my house to rest and then I went to search for food to satisfied my hunger but I didn't get any food and then I came back home to rest and after resting I dressed up and went to a near by town to guide a woman who I have already opened an account to. Then I took a car and it was about 15 minutes drive to the town. And then I went there and helped her on her account, I set her steemit dashboard for her and then I help her to write introduction post. And everything I came back home to rest.


When I was helping someone to introduce herself on steemit

And when I finished helping her with steemit introduction I say goodbye to her and went back home. And when I came back home I rest for a while and heated my stew on fire. Then I went to the town to buy myself some rice and egg. And I got there I watching some movie because I have nothing to do at home. And after that I went home to eat it and sleep.


And when I went to the provision shop to buy food and we were watching movies from a laptop.
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