The Dairy Game ๐ŸŽฎ๐ŸŽฏ๐ŸŽฏ:: 25/11/2021 My Wednesday Activity (Betterlife on Steemit)

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I will send my greetings to #all steemians or content curators on steemit. We thank God for his goodness and mercy upon my life. And I thank those who always curate and comment under my post. I am @sarkodieeric1

My Morning Activity

I will like to thank everyone God for his goodness and mercy upon my life. This week was actually a free week because we were in revision week. And since we have spent about 5 months continuously in the school I was tired sometimes to go to work. And because we were in the revision week I wake up late in the morning. I did my devotion as I always do and then I went out to brush my teeth. And because there is a electricity issue and the electricity company has disconnect our our lights and because of that in darkness for the past two months. And because of the disconnection I can't listen to sermon and christian music again. And after the brushing of my teeth I did to sweep some needed areas in my house. And after the sweeping i took my breakfast and then I went to bathroom to wash myself. And after the washing I went to school. And I get to school I helped the pupils to do grounds work. And after the grounds work the bell was rang for silence hour. And then the pupils went to their various classrooms to observe the silence hour. And they rang the bell again for worship time and the pupils gathered for worship. And when the worship ended their various classroom and then we went to I.C.T room to play games.

IMG_20211124_084511_804 .jpg
During worship time


During the playing of the games

My Afternoon Activity

And when we went to the ict room to entertain ourselves, and after some minutes we were called to take lunch. And then we back to play our game. And after some minutes later, because our school is going play football match with our sister school in a few days, we quit the game and went to the field to trained with them. And after one hour training, we closed from school.


When we were training


When we were eating together in the afternoon

When we closed from school I went and sleep because I was tired. And when I woke up from my sleep, I was having some utensils to wash but I didn't have water. And then I took my gallons to fetch water. But when I get there the tap was not coming. Then I went to different places but the problem were the same. And because that was a rural area I went to a few distance stream to fetch water. When I came back I washed my utensils and I use some of the water to bath and find something to eat.

When I was bringing the water from the stream

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Thanks for sharing your day with us

You really had a hectic day
Thanks for sharing your day with us

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