The Dairy Game my :: 02/11/2021 My Tuesday Activity (Betterlife on Steemit)

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Hello lovely people on steemit I greet each and everyone. I hope everyone is well. Thank those who always curate and comment my post. I really appreciate that.

I will always thank God for the life he has given me. If I am still alive it is by his grace. I wake up early in the morning as I always do, I did my house work that is sweeping my bedroom, kitchen and corridor. And after that I brushed my teeth. And after brushing of my teeth I cleaned up my shoes ready for work.
And then I prepared myself a breakfast and taking the breakfast I made myself ready to school. And after that I guide the people to do grounds work. And then we went for assembly to listen to announcement for the day. And then they all matched up to their various class room.

When I was taking videos during staff meeting

Then we were doing staff meeting to think about the school and how that people can devote themselves to teaching and learning. And after that the headteacher told us to go and continue the teaching and learning activities. And after the teaching I came back to mark the exercises that I gave them after the teaching. Then we took our lunch in the afternoon around 12:30 pm and above. And after that we rest for a while and I go to class to teach again and after the teaching I rest for a while and the bell was rang for closing.

When we were about to take our evening food

And after taking the lunch I went to the class to teach and marked their papers after the teaching. And then I rest for a while and the bell was rang for closing. And when I get home I rest for sometimes and then when I wake up to took some food and went to church and after the church I came to watch football.


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