Tell us your expectations of steem in your country.

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Greetings to all steemians;

A new week is here to make steemit the future that we hope to see. Over the past months, steem has made a significant improvement in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain activities. It is through the effort of you and l that has made a big difference. But we still are making every effort to catch the attention of all. And this has called for the massive support of every steemian from all communities.

Are you among the few people who have always thought steem could do better in a specific manner? Even though a lot has been done to achieve more but of course the sky is our limit. SteemGhana shares with you those thoughts that you think would bring that better features to bring the change that you really want to see. This is why we share a contest with you to tell us your thoughts.

About the contest.

This contest is all about telling us what you expect to see steem in your community. For whichever way, it could be, help us to see the expectations you have in your country which if steem should be, it will bring the change that you want to see. This could be something related to political, financial, social, spiritual, emotional, or physical expectations that you have to share.
It is a great moment to share all those expectations of yours in your locality with all steemians. Let us see how beautiful your ideas or expectations are in the coming days.

The contest runs through today till 16th May 2021.

Contest Prize

1st place-15 steem
2nd place -10 steem
3rd place- 8 steem
4th place- 5 steem
5th place- 3 steem
All participants will be rewarded with some amount of stem as an appreciation for their involvement in this contest.

Contest Rules

  • All entries to this contest must be made through the #steemghana community.
  • A minimum of 200 words is required from all entries and it is open to all steemians in any language.
  • Be creative and tell us your expectations of steem in your country in any sector without any sense of plagiarism.
  • Make your post title (My steem expectations in @yourcountryname)
  • You are reminded to resteem, upvote, and comment on the link to your entry under this post.
  • The tags to be used are #mysteemexpectations, #ghcontest, #steemexclusive, your country tag, etc.

We expect that the wonderful expectations that this contest is going to receive are here to help us work harder in helping to improve the activities of the steem blockchain to make everyone happy as expected in your locality. All country reps and steemians are duly invited to support this to help make steemit a community for all.

Wishing all participants the best in this contest.

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This is a great contest to find out out expectations for steemghana.
my entry link.

Great contest, I and ready to participate. Thanks so much for your support.

This is another great contest. I would very glad to submit my entry soon. Thanks very much for this contest.

Fantastic contest! It should help us brainstorm a lot of ways to improve our community. Every thought counts.

Many thanks.

Wow! This project will be massive

Wonderful contest, i believe it will help develop steemit and make it known to most Ghanaians thus, moving it to the next level in the country


Thanks so much for your support.


Thanks for your submission

Thanks for the contest....this is my entry to the contest.


Thanks so much for your submission. My pleasure 😁


Thanks for your submission


Thanks for yiur responses too bro is a motivation for to do more

This is amazing, I personally have great expectations for STEEM in Ghana. Very excited for the contest and will be submitting my entry soon


Thanks very much for your submission.

I do have a lot of expectations for stem here in ghana too. It will be a great honor to see steem doing so well in that regard here in ghana

@steem-ghana I am new member here. Just joined some few days ago and I'm ready to give this contest my all. I might not be perfect as this is going to be my first time participating on steemit contest. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Thanks so much @stemm-ghana for this opportunity to give my own views to my Country Steem @nigeria
My Entry

MY appreciation and thanks goes to @mcsamm for this wonderful opportunity. A lot of thanks also goes to @steemcurator01 for always being a role model and someone I look up to on this platform.
Below is a link to my entry.

Thank you!

Beautiful contest @mcsamm, our expectations will directly infer on how much effort we put into our work in making steem as great as it can be, I look forward to massive participation

Nice contest

Hello guys
Hello @steem-ghana and @mcsamm

Here is my link to the contest.


Where is it please?