Women and beauty

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Why do women and cosmetics products fit together well?
The answer to that is quite simple, cosmetics products making you look beautiful.
Women and people in general love to look beautiful and attractive, and we can say that women and beauty products are like a match made in heaven - the perfect duo.

No amount of lipstick’s colors or latest fashion trend would make you beautiful if you lack self-confidence and not feeling good about yourself. I always believe in beauty from the inside out. If your inner side is great you will look great outside too in combo with your sincere great smile.

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For looking good in your appearance, it's all about how you dress. I just came to know from my beauty mentor that our skin color and its tone are the keys for you to look great in your clothing and also your makeup.
You should know your skin tone and skin type so you know which color is the best for you. Have you ever wondered why people look so great in orange but when you wear something with an orange color you look strange or not that radiating compared to the person that you saw looking great with orange color previously? If you want to check your skin tone, head on to this site and see what type your skin color is. You can pay for a color analysis consultant too for a better result if you don’t mind paying and I think it's a great investment as from this information you will know what color that suit you best and this will cut down your choices when you go shopping for your clothes and save your money on buying clothes that you will never want to wear again as you not looking so appealing on them.
The knowledge of your type of color also helps you choose the best color for your makeup. This absolutely changes the makeup game for you as now you know which lipstick color and foundation would look great on you and which shade of eye shadow palette would make you extra gorgeous.

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Apart from knowing about your skin color, your body type, and your face shape also play an important role in choosing the clothes for yourself. You need to know that certain body types are not suitable for some fashion. For example, an apple-shaped body type should avoid clothes that too figure-hugging dresses or tops with skinny jeans.
Head on to this site to know which body type you are for DIY analysis How To Dress According To Your Body Type – Complete Guide
You would know what hairstyle suits you better when you know your face type too and what type of sunglasses and makeup style you should wear with your face shape type. This site is good for the info on determine your face shape

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Lastly is try to be as elegant and classy as possible, google how to be elegant and classy as this is like an attitude accessory for you, you know, no matter how gorgeous you look in your clothing and makeup but you lack elegance and class, you still look average compare to those who have these qualities. Beauty is overloaded nowadays, with almost everyone having access to beauty enhancement services, with these qualities you are a little bit extra than millions of beauties out there.
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So ladies, lets us bring the beauty definitions to the next level with this knowledge in mind and heart so you can be the best version of yourself no matter what colors, shapes, and sizes you are.

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As a male , I was always taught to respect female , irrespective of size , color , or look . But today , also got the female perspective as well.
Thank you


great that you gain another perspective from some of us women 😊

hum....nice explanation,i did not think this way before thanks for share


Glad it gives you another perspective 😊

hi @crytokannon I am very happy you posted in the community. You wrote useful information. It doesn't matter to know how to dress and make up. we should dress according to our body size. We should make make-up according to our skin color. I agree with you. I will choose it as the quality content of the day. Thanks 😊


Thank you! 😊

Hello @cryptokannon, excellent post encouraging female beauty and especially inner beauty.


Glad it helps 😊

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