Chain of Goodness | Giving of Slippers, Snacks and Pre-loved Stuffs to The Little Children of Olango Island



We returned to the island. This is our second visit and this time we will be handing out slippers. This mission also took some time. Every time we set a date, one is lined up to have her walk, a lot of interruptions both at work and in personal life.


Originally there should be five of us in this team, but those two have a walk that can't be postponed. But even so, the mission continues. And this is it,




We asked for help from a friend who knew the children's names to be listed ahead to make the distribution smooth. We also explain first to the surrounding mothers that only those who are on the list will receive a slipper so that they will be the ones to explain to their children if ever they were not on the list. You know children just cry, how much more if no one will explain to them why they were not given, that would be a tragedy then.

The plan is to just give away slippers. It was during our first visit when we saw a lot of cute little children playing while barefoot. But when the set date was fast approaching our host friend suddenly said, "you might also bring any of your pre-loved stuff for the mothers". Sounds like wow, it’s fun.



Even the giving of snacks was no longer part of the plan too. But when we got there it was just inserted to make the children even happier. You see, the children were very quick to fall in line. It's been so fun to see the kids excited to grab their slippers and the snack.
Most of what we saw were children who were still very young. Thanks to our host friend who was very quick to realize that the mothers of these children will eventually be with them during the distribution.
Wow, we did not even expect that there would be so many crowds to go after the pre-loved stuff.

This walk was a lot of fun. More fun than when we first visited the place. Plus, we are not that tired because this time we just stayed in one place unlike before that we house to house those pack goods.
You can't be sad either, because the people there are very thoughtful. After we finished handing over the slippers, we were given a snack, fresh "buko with biscuits" or "nilamaw nga butong" in our dialect. Wow, so fresh and delicious. Our fatigue just disappeared right there!


We thought we were only the ones giving the surprise to them, but in the end, we were much surprised by their thoughtfulness too.

So that ends my day at the Island. Thanks for your time reading my post. Till then keep safe.

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Mabuhay ! fabio2614 is a public junior high school teacher handling Mathematics in the Philippines. She makes sure to always have time with her two kids may it be indoors or travel. She blogs about life, recipes, motivation, and inspiring stories. Muchas Gracias!..

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Wow! Such a great act my friend...


yes my friend, let's go together on the next visit to the Island. You will be really happy there.🙂


puhon! ug ka kwarta my friend...


puhon my friend😆

I am always proud of having a friend like you fabio, you really had that big heart of sharing... Keep it up... Hoping that I can now come with you next time, God willing


I can't compare to a rider's wife my friend🙂


haha, you are joking my friend

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wow thank you so much🙂

The children have been very happy. I congratulate you


true, the children really have fun too. after receiving their slipper they compare it with those received by their friends😆

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Excelente actividad de ayuda amiga! Felicidades 🎉

Dios te bendiga por tan linda labor Bendiciones.