Betterlife II The diary game II Sunday vibes-Pizza party II 4 July 2021

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AOA everyone. Hope you all are doing good and great. This is my second diary in this beautiful community. So let's start without wasting time

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Yesterday was my sister's birthday. We juat cutt the cake without any proper celebration. So today, chachu planned a pizza party.

My day started at 6AM because every sunday, my eyes open early in the morning than usual. I tried to sleep but couldn't so I jumped out from bed, got fresh and made mango shake. All were sleeping, I started watching the DUNK latest episode.

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At about 10, all woke up, mama and aunty ready the breakfast and we had breakfast together. Then we played the luddo and some other games. After that I pressed my dress for evening pizza party.

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It was getting dark when we all were ready to go. We left the home at 7:30PM. Only we know how we manage this much big family in a single car. Anyways, We went to pizza hut. Ordered the pizza. We wanted to have some photos but chachu don't like this sort of things so we stopped. We started talking in decent way. Till then order was placed.

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The hushboo was awesome. I couldn't control and served everyone. We were about to done when my chachu's colleague reached there with his family. Then we spent sometime there with them.

We came back at about 11 at night. Some slept on the way some hurriedly went to room to sleep just after reaching the home. I too change my kurta because can't sleep with that. Then i had tea, use laptop for sometime and went to sleep.

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That's how I spent my weekend. Hope you would like my diary. Thanks for reading.

Special thanks to

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