Steem Women Club Contest #30 | Women are getting ready for the New Year !! || HO HO HOO☃️🎠🎃



How are you? I hope you are fine. A few days before the new year, small preparations began. The streets are bright and colorful! I absolutely love the New Year atmosphere. It makes me very happy to see this glittering one in my house, so I decorate my house every year, even if it is small. New Year's music turns on, I watch movies. I live the New Year spirit to the fullest. There is a positive energy in everyone these days, people's faces are smiling.


Today I started small preparations. The first to decorate the TV coffee tableI started from. It looks beautiful while watching a movie. I had to do a little shopping for the decoration first. I provided a few ornaments and necessary materials that I could find. There was a green lawn left over from my garden at my house. I kept it for consideration. Good thing I hid it, it worked for me, I didn't have to spend extra while decorating.


As I started to decorate, I first washed and cleaned the grass and placed it on the TV stand.


Then I placed the LED lights on it. I preferred the LED lights in yellow color. It creates a more dim environment and that's just me!


After I placed the lights, I placed the ornaments I bought and voila! It was incredibly sweet.



It was one of the most sensible things I used my money on because I was really happy. So many things excite me like this. This was a small start for now, I will continue to decorate different parts of the house in the future. I want to enjoy this fun process to the fullest. I definitely recommend it to you. I would like to thank everyone who organized this beautiful contest and I have everything that will add color to life. 🙏 I had a lot of fun while writing and taking the preparations step by step, I hope you enjoyed reading it too.

Happy new year!⛄🎠🎃


I invite two of my beautiful friends to the competition.@baycan @uzercanan 💗🌺


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emeginize sağlık.👍😊 Mutlu yillar dilerim.🎀


Çok teşekkür ederim 🤗Size de iyi yıllar 🙏🎠🌺

Değişik güzel bir yılbaşı konsepti 👍 Becerikli sin maşallah. Başarılar dilerim.


Teşekkür ederim canım🤗💗🌺Sende umarım iyisindir 🙏


Çok şükür iyiyiz. Toparlıyoruz ✌️

Ooooo süper hazırlıklar başlamış kuzum. 🤗Şimdiden bol keyifli yılbaşı dilerim. Ben de AVM de yapılan hazırlıkları çektim konsepte uyarsa katılacağım yarışmya 🤗


Uymasa Bile paylaş canım benim gibi böyle süslemeleri sevenlerin ilgisini çeker mutlaka 🤗💗🌺🎠☃️

Wow you have decorated your tv table nicely


Thank you sweetie🤗🌺