Thediarygame season 3 for 13/5/2021| we went for cleaning at my training center, assisting my Recruit, visited Hazel and Lola in their new home, and went to farm and plucked my pumpkin leaf, my first fruit| by @ngoenyi

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Hi friends, trust you are all doing great. Welcome to my diary game for today. It was activity packed. Right from when I woke up till now that I am writing my diary. Today, I and my family went to the training center to wash it since the wall paper has fully been installed, we also went to visit Hazel and Lola where they are staying now at the house of @ohia576 and we finally visited my farm to know how it is and to pluck the first fruit of the pumpkin leaf. Please read the story in detail

my diary

I woke up by 5:37 am. I slept late last night due to the training class I was handled with @samuel20 and @talktofaith last night in @steemalive telegram classroom where we train newcomers to understand steemit the more. You can see the topics we handled below


So as soon as I woke up, I started with my duty. I work always because at any point in time I login to my whatsapp or telegram group, or steemit, I always have notifications to respond to and I also greet the steemians in the groups i am cordinating.

Next, I went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast which we took before going to the training center. The wall paper installer finished work yesterday and so we needed to clean up the place and make it fit for use. On our arrival, we all started working. I went with my whole family. The kids are on holiday but it ends today. We swept the floor, washed it and mopped it clean and set the chairs and table as you can see in the pictures below

You can see @benton3 and I doing the cleaning





Next, we set the chairs and table. You can even see my steemkids enthusiastically helping out in one of the pictures below. My And wisdom, @madilyn02 along with my husband. This is steemit family.






I later got a call while still in the office from @rich9090 who want me to explain somethings about steemit to her to help her continue steeming high. So I invited her to the training center. She came and I put her through and attended to her questions.



Next, we went home to have our lunch before going to visit Hazel and Lola. On our way home, I bought roasted pig meat for our consumption


Talking about Hazel and Lola, they are my pets. Hazel is the male while Lola is the female. They are Bunnies or Rabbits. Lola put to bed 10 days ago. She delivered 7 kids but Lola was not feeding them with breast milk and I am not experienced in taking care of them. These kids kept dying till they remain 4. I became scared of loosing them all that I thought of how best to handle the situation. I called the pet doctor @ohia576 and he suggested I bring them to his house for proper care, coupled with the fact that the space I have for them is no longer conducive for them all to stay. I wish I have my own house so I can give them more space.

I had no other option than to that them there. They went on Sunday. He has been feeding the kids with milk. He will resolve the milk and use syringe to feed them. On getting to the place, we saw my pets. My kids were very happy to meet them. They were even crying when they heard my decision to transfer them to the pet doctor's house. One kid bunny died 2 days ago but I am happy that the remaining 3 are surviving as you can see in the pictures below. The gray bunny is Lola while the white is Hazel. They are very cute. @ohia576 residence








I am grateful to @ohia576 for taking care of them. I will need to keep supporting him with the feeds and milk for the bunnies to keep growing.

We were offered soft drinks by the family and we later took pictures. The wife of @ohia576 has become so much interested in steemit that she asked how she can join. After the explainations, she made up her mind to join. So expect her soon.



At the end, we left the vanue to our farm though it had became late, by 6:18pm but we still went to visit the farm. I was happy with the progress. I noticed that the pumpkin needs to be havested. I did just that. Our farm






@madilyn02 planted some corn at the places where the corn didn't grow. My husband @benton3 weeded a little before we left because it was already dark.

At home, we just took our dinner and I sat down to pen down this diary. I am grateful to the Almighty God for his blessings, his wisdom and strength that he gave to me and my entire household. My husband@benton3 has really been a Piller to me.bhis assistance has been massive. I can't thank him enough. I pray fo Gods blessings on him and my entire household.

Thank you all for reading through my diary.

Cc: @steemwomensclub


This is my introductorypost here

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Well explained
I love the bunnies, wish to have one

A great family day. The training center is coming out fine. Weldone ma.

I really like the view of the training center.
Hoping to see more

Wow ma'am your day was productive..I love the look of the training center

Realmente tuviste un gran día, algo duro pero valió la pena. Que lindo los conejitos espero que estén bien


Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras. sí, el día fue realmente ajetreado, pero como dijiste, fue peor

estoy asombrada de tu amor a la naturaleza, los animales, y también tienes un buen tiempo para adiestrar a los nuevos steemias, la verdad te felicito. eres una digna representante de al comunidad de mujeres.


muchas gracias amigo mío. Agradezco tus amables palabras. Seguimos haciendo nuestro mejor esfuerzo para promover Steemit. gracias por tu comentario

WOW awesome work ma'am, the training center is so beautiful, and I like the Wall paper too, you had a hectic but a successful day, I always admired your ability to strike a balance, please you have to show me how.

Very nice post @ngoenyi

Your children are beautiful, great and fulfilled day you had.

You really have a nice day

Wow. U are really hardworking ma. Thankyou for mentoring us @ngoenyi

You really did a lot ma, training center looks nice

Wel done ma @ngoenyi and other members that participated

Wow what a great family day

Oops all 4 bunnies gone, thank God this 3 survive and im sure nothing will happen to them again.
The training center is very beautiful congratulations ma

Awesome. I appreciate your efforts to bring Steemit to a broader Nigerian audience.

Nice workdone!!

This our pet is growing very fast
@ngoenyi I need my own pumpkinooooo
Our training centre is set, Weldone my leader

Que día tan movido amiga, hermosos y grande los conejos que lograron sobrevivir. Un valioso gesto de seguir involucrando y trayendo más steemians a la plataforma.

Tu finca se ve maravillosa con todo ese cultivo.



Thank you so much

Wow! Kudos to you ma,well done and keep up the good work. @ngoenyi @steemitwomen @focusnow

Excelente labor humanitaria y comunitaria, la vida nos apremia cada vez que realizamos ayudas y trabajos sin esperar nada a cambia la voluntad solo es de dios.... excelente trabajo saludos desde #venezuela


Muchas gracias. Es realmente un llamado a servir y creo que con todos sus apoyos, puedo ser capaz de hacerlo

Un buen día, de trabajo amiga.


Muchas gracias querida hermana

Nice work your are doing. Keep it up