The Diary Game//13-12-2021//10% to steem women's club

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Hello dear sisters,
How are you all?
Hope everybody is healthy and well. I'm fine too. Today has been a frustrating day for me. Now I will present this day in front of you. I hope you all like it.


Starting my daily diary today:


Today, like every day, I woke up in the morning. I woke up and went to do aju. After performing ablution, I offered Fajr prayers. After praying, I fell asleep again. When I woke up I swept the yard and then I made breakfast.



After making breakfast, I bought vegetables and cooked them. Then I took a babu who lives in our rented house. I like Babuta very much. I carry him most of the day. Her mom works if I take her. Then I took a bath with my grandfather and after taking a bath I offered the Johar prayers. After praying, I ate lunch.


After eating, I went to the market. I bought fruits from the market. When I arrived, I entered someone's house and he gave me piazzas and boots. I brought them for my son. When I got home, I warmed the noodles in the fridge. Then I prayed Maghrib Azan. After praying, I went to bed. Our home TV is not fixed yet. So you have to stay in bed after evening.




After a while, I perform ablution to offer Esha prayers. After praying, I cook something for the night.


After praying, we all talked in the house. After telling the story, we all ate dinner together. Then we went to bed. That's how I spent my day today. Many thanks to everyone for reading my post. I will appear in front of you again with a new post.

Thanks everyone


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I hope you will be able to join #club5050 soon.


Thanks dear 💞