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Hello dear ladies, I salute you all. Today I want to share with you a simple health remedy for blood shortage replenishment.



Actually there are many fruits and vegetables which we can consume to rapidly replace our list blood. Some years ago I was struck with typhoid malaria which almost claimed my life and I had blood shortage too. I needed transfusion and it was difficult to get a donor so with help from family I was secretly place on other sources from fruits (watermelon juice, beetroot) and vegetables (pumpkin leaves, cassava leaves and huckleberry). With 3 days I had gained huge amount of blood which shocked the doctors. Hence my life was saved. Recently my sister in law faces the same blood shortage issue and so this evening (precisely Sunday 06/06/2021 evening) I have started a blood gain therapy using beetroot. See the process below



IMG_20210606_183207.jpgTOP GRENADINE

IMG_20210607_083814.jpgHAND SQUEEZER


• Wash 1 beetroot wash and peel


• Slice the beetroot into smaller fragments


• Put in small bits into a hand machine or hand squeezer and extract the juice. The machine makes the juice come out separately from.the chaffs.


•Alternatively put in blender and crush to find particles. Then sieve and extract the juice from the chaffs

Sieving Process

• Add in the grenadine and mix well


• Serve it fresh and enjoy yourself

IMG_20210606_190917.jpg my glass of the juice


Adding the grenadine improves the sweetness for someone who is not able to consume it like that. I usually take this drink regularly too. After extracting the juice I savoured my own glass of beetroot juice after serving my sister in-law. I'm sure the doctors will give a positive note on her next clinical check and her baby will be good too. I advise everyone to take this remedy from time to time to replenish lost blood also it's natural and got good taste too.

Thanks for visiting my post dear friends. Health is wealth. Thank you @steemwomenclub for the means to share this with everyone.

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Wonderful posts dear. Thank you for sharing your recipe with us.

Keep sharing original and quality contents free from plagiarism.


Thank you too @steemwomenclub. It's a pleasure to share useful information to everyone. I will continue to adhere to the rules of the community and avoid plagiarism. Thank you
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Que buen remedio, tengo tiempo padeciendo este mal, voy a poner en practica tu receta querida amiga @tenguhatanga


So sorry about your situation but try this recipe and also eat vegetables like huckleberry or fresh pumpkin leaves. It will help a lot.
#twopercent #cameroon


Muchas gracias por tu consejo, seguro lo pongo en practica para mejorar mi salud, espero su cuñada se recupere pronto, saludos!!!

Waw, I will try this remedy

Wooow... interesting I will try this.. thanks for sharing too

Wonderful recipe. Thanks for sharing. Will try it out


You're welcome dear