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No one is big to learn! Show love to yourself by doing this first: always Correct your mistakes pointed out to iu by whosoever, learn from them and never forget the lessons. Life is full of ups-and-downs. Your downs give you the best lessons. For if you refuse to learn from your mistakes, then you hate yourself & u don't deserve to prosper.


After having a tired some Monday I managed to have a rest at night which was quite relieving. I woke up by 5:55am, chatted for a while with my aunt and we had our morning prayers. I later took my shower and got ready for the day. Basically I was to do some shopping, check a friend at the onion market and rest for the other part of the day.
Before moving out of the house I made some sumptious breakfast of fried Irish potato, eggs and coffee. This gave me the energy I needed to go about my day's activities.


I first went to the onion market to see my friends and catch my debtors. It was so pleasing to see them at the market but unfortunately I didn't meet my debtors. I had a long chat with my friends and I discovered the pieces of a bag of onion has really dropped to 16000-18000frs compared to 33000frs 3 weeks ago. I later left for the central market where I bought some food stuff to cook.

at the onion market

With one of my friends

I returned home and prepared rice and beans and stepped out again to DOUCHE, a place where imported goods are first sampled for sale. I took time selecting some shoes for myself, my brother Lesley and my sister in-law. It is their surprise gifts from my journey. See them below.

My own shoes
IMG_20210604_102126.jpg shoes I got for my sister in-law

The shoe I bought for Lesley

I returned home and spend the whole evening chatting with my aunt and her daughter too came to fill the moment with happiness. It has been long I saw her so it was all joyous. When she returned I chatted for another one hour with her mother before going to bed.

And so ended my day with a warm and peaceful rest. Thank you for visiting my post dear friends. Thank you @steemwomenclub

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@tenguhatanga it shows you really had a cool day. Your breakfast is so so tempting. Its been long i drank cooffee am sure its more than three years now.
Merde you bought your shoes. So so nice and thank God all will fit my legs so well. I hope the brown one,
you bought it for me. Chaii those shoes are really nice oooh. You get eyes my Sister. I am patiently waiting for my own shoes 😀

#twopercent #affable #cameroon


Yes it was indeed a nice day my dear. Oohh I love coffee so much and I take it regularly. About the shoes don't worry yours is available. I got you covered. I got good eyes do I get good things. Trust me
#twopercent #cameroon


Am shy oooh 🙈 Hahahaha i can't wait to see them oooh💃💃💃💃
Thank u my @tenguhatanga

Woow, you are a good sister in law ooo, don't worry someone will do even more for you. Your food is tempting.


Amen oohh. I pray I have good in-laws too. I love my brother's wife so much.
#twopercent #cameroon

Stressful though, but the gift is for me😁


It was worth the stress especially for the people I love

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