Our Goals for The Steemit Contest Club

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Our Goals for The Steemit Contest Club


Hello frends,

We founded up our Steem Contest Club community about 20 days ago. Since we founded the community, we have organized and continue to organize beautiful competitions for new users to adopt our community. We've set ourselves some goals;.

  1. The priority was to reach as many people as we could and bring them together in our own competitions.
  2. Our goal was to collect all competitions on one roof horse and allow users to reach all competitions from the same place.
  3. We have provided support with a small number of rewards for newcomers to have a good time and rise in steemitte. We have included increasing these supports among our goals.
  4. 1 for our community.our goal was to be 500 people a month, and we achieved 40% success almost before the month was up. Our community numbers are 183 people, which is a proud thing for us, we will continue to move forward and grow in line with our goals.
  5. Our biggest goal, of course, is to create our own curation and make users more rewarding through this curation, but also to ease the burden on @steeemcurator01 and other curators.

We have made some new decisions in order to increase the density in our community and to reach more people. When making these decisions, our goal is always to grow and contribute more to new users

  • Our first goal is to create our own curation and achieve 1k Steem Power(SP). For this, some of the prizes in our shipments will be funded for subsequent competitions, the rest will be raised as steem power, and I believe that we will reach our 1K goal in a short time.
  • 2.our goal; increase the number of communities our goal is to create 1k communities. For this purpose, increasing the amount of prizes in the competitions that we do regularly Weekly will make the competitions more attractive.
  • We have already mentioned that only contest posts will be available in our community. Competitions are a great way to keep users, and we will support competitions in other communities through our curation.
  • As we reach 100k Steem Power, we will need more friends who organize competitions in our community, and as our curation grows, funding will also be provided to friends who organize competitions in our community.
  • Users can share in our community with the #thediarygame tag starting today. Quality posts made will be selected and submitted at the discretion of @steemcurator01. I hope they don't spare their support on this.
  • I want to thank you in advance for users who want to delegate Steem Power.

I hope the new developments will be good for all of us. I would like to thank everyone who has supported our community to grow and thrive. We'll keep working nonstop. Do not spare your support to achieve our goals.

Best regards...


Support us for the growth of our community.

Please Resteem and Upvote.

@steemcurator01 @pennsif @stephenkendal @e-r-k-a-n

thank you for supporting...

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your goals and plans are good and I believe this steem contest community will do great things ^^


Thank you very much. Our plans are aiming to grow in a short time :)

Good plans, good thinks.


thank you very much :)

I believe that you will come to much better places with the work you do.