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Another week and another thrilling contest from, @olga.maslievich. Here is a link if you wild like to join it. This week I am introducing to you a restaurant which is situated inside the castle. This castle can be found in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia and the food is modern and traditional at the same time.

The castle itself is situated in the perfect spot because you have a 360° view of the city below. You can take a walk around it and even go back down to the city center. However, be prepared that you wouldn’t want to leave this excellent restaurant and would want to start planning your next visit soon. The food is exceptional, as the chef combines flavors and textures, which improve one another to reach the next level of deliciousness, and follows the cuisine trends.


The Ambiance

Restaurant Strelec is situated inside the Ljubljana castle. Half of the interior wall is rough rock, while the other half are medieval paintings. It shows the history of the Slovenian nation and some symbols connected to it. To be honest, this is the ambiance someone would except inside the medieval castle. However, furniture is more contemporary and it goes great with modern add-ons, like lightning.



I couldn’t keep my hands away from amuse-bouche and I have to say that it’s hard to put the knife down from deliciously smoked butter and stop spreading it on warm bread. That creamy butter is delicious on its own, but it wasn’t just the butter. On the side, there was a freshly made goose pate, which was delicious till last spread.


Marinated Smoked Mackerel

The first dish was marinated, smoked mackerel on top of the celery cream, beautifully combined with horseradish mayonnaise, which got refreshing dimension when the chef added applesauce to it and the crunchy heart of the salad accompanied with dashi algae sauce. I must say this dish was very creative. I was surprised by how great applesauce can take mackerel higher on the wholly next level.


Handmade Ravioli

Probably Restaurant Strelec Review can't dodge Italian influence and there is nothing wrong with it. Italian cuisine is important and dishes are more than welcome.

The sensational smell of grilled penny buns invited me to get a taste of their delicious softness. The chef nailed it with a whole combination: grilled penny buns with poached egg and handmade ravioli stuffed with aged cheese served by the pork foam.

Scallop and Chestnut

The sweetness of the scallops and chestnuts is another combination that impressed me and ranked in the second place. Tender meat and the golden surface of the scallop were distinct in spite of intense chestnut purée, which was well worth to taste by itself in combination with sweet quince. The warmth of the chestnut was supported by celery foam. The chef smashed the creamy texture and added an additional refreshing level of taste to it with baked chestnuts, crumble, and young green chicory.



First Main: Trout Fillet

The first main dish was a continuation of tender fish tastes. This time, it was a fillet of red trout, which had only one flaw. The fillet was overbaked. However, it was nothing serious. On the side, there was a creamy potato puree, baked young carrot, and fennel in the company of dried apples and trout roe in the amazingly good sauce.


Second Main: Slowly Cooked Beef Tail

The second main dish was beef tail, slowly cooked in sous vide, and after that baked in the pan with three sprouts fold, which was sprinkled over with fried pig skin and black garlic paste on each side. The subtle and complex flavor of black garlic connected all the ingredients together. Black garlic paste, also known as fermented black garlic, is a complex ingredient with umami taste and its sweetness in the back. This ingredient is very expensive, which shows the attention of this chef – it’s all in!


First Dessert

The tastes of the great main dishes were still in our mouths when the first dessert came. The pre-dessert contained some strong flavors, a combination of chocolate mousse and salty caramel with cooked pear really remaining in my memory.


Second Dessert

Although I felt full and believed that I couldn’t eat anything more. However, the situation changed at the moment when another dessert was placed in front of me. It was completely opposite to the previous one. A refreshing and colorful dessert, screaming to eat it.

The carrot pastry with the softness of sour cream ice cream combined with the freshness of mandarin in the company of white chocolate mousse is what kept me coming for more.


The visit to this restaurant was something we were both looking forward to and that’s why we prepared our bellies to the extent that we could hear them protesting. We knew that the pleasing feast is on its way. According to our research, we set our expectations high and Chef Igor Jagodic overpassed it

So, if you want to eat like a king, then this is the castle you need to “attack”. Ouu and by the way, Strelec means shooter (with a bow). The name is justified... They got us for sure! Thank you for your attention and see you next time.

here is a link to the location

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