Monday Mission Entry: My Xmas Gifts as Santa's Helper


Christmas Day has ended; but the Christmas celebration continues!

I specifically remembered the 12 days of Christmas song, and I do remember that because of that I always look forward to give / send (cards) belated Christmas presents to friends and family.

And to be honest, that was exactly what happened to me this year.

Being super excited when I found the 12.12 sale had something I totally love and had in mind that I wanted to gift to many of my friends with the best budget possible, I went for it a week in advance before the Christmas party; which is actually about 10 days before Christmas. I thought it was possible to rush and the supplier I contacted was fantastic in their services...

Unfortunately the delivery service dispatch screwed up.

I will not share here because of this themed post but I will share with you how I wing it to still match the ideal Christmas present I wanted.

But I had to pay double the price for the content

Nevertheless I could still be the Santa's little helper this round.


And here it is, after sourcing right at the eve of the party, in the middle of the night, the "little miracle" still happened with the idea worked just right with the available packaging material for me.


I had to be pretty sure what I am doing without wasting any paper; so with my former housemate's blessing of extra cardboard raw materials, I managed to plan ahead without wasting anything but still have the same texture.


Needless to say, my trusty Sizzix did not let me down, I was able to pick the right pattern and in print it nicely for my idea.


Getting the way how I like it to be placed was tricky, if I didn't know the exact measurement. So the trial and error still made it through and I was satisfied enough to make the real thing.


Right before the real materials, I had to make sure it looks really classy and sassy with the Christmas vibe on it.

Now, for the real stuffs!

I actually had to categorise the different colours so that I know exactly who to give without jumbling up and mistakenly giving the wrong item to another person.


Personalised message area

Simply because I had design in a way that anyone who own this design could have a personal message inside.


I don't have to worry about stabilising the gift inside (yes it is a hand cream), because it will be taped on the rough surfaced side that was embossed outward.

Pretty neat eh?


In the end, 2 hours before the party, I managed to get these very professionally done (according to my god brother who's one of the recipient when I gave it to him during the party) presents ready, just in time to be placed under the Christmas tree.

What happened to the missing parcel of the hand creams I ordered?

I just got it on boxing day. haha.

Now for the fun part...

Since I got the items REALLY LATE and the ones I have blessed to the rest are already sent out. I had extra....

But I am not going to sell it here just yet. Instead in the light of Christmas I am going to do a Raffle Pick to those who would like to receive ONE of this gifts above.

The surface design would most likely be changed. Winner will be contacted to choose the surface design, and pre-cut letterings and hand cream type.


Package will also include this pin that was the balance from Steemfest 2019 Bangkok.

However there is a catch

I will only be able to send this gift out to the winner (who participated in this raffle in this post) IF I COULD GET this post USD 4 worth.

This will cover the entire International registered shipment, and I will bubble wrap it (hopefully) to avoid being squashed during postage.

Here are the accepted destinations


To Enter:

  1. Upvote this post (as much as you can spare) and state your SteemID and Country in the comments
    (hopefully it will arrive to you 🤞 )
  2. Resteem so that others will notice this post.
    (more participants, more fun)
  3. Ask your friends to support you! By commenting under your comment in this post to increase raffle chances.

If I can get it up to 8 USD, who knows? There could be 2 winners!

If you want to skip the raffle, then per item is USD 4.50 (including international postage). You can pay with STEEM / SBD / LTC / BCH / ETH / USDT / BCH

ps: This is my old (lost and found) account, which I managed to retrieve my password after misplacing it for 1 year. @littlenewthings is my main account now; but this will be my account specially for commercial and charity use.

Yay! 3 years old!

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Oh this is interesting! Let's try this out!
SteemitID: @fusion.lover
Location: Malaysia


Yes you are in the raffle!

  ·  작년

Oh my! Those look amazing! Really beautiful pattern and idea to pack the cream.
That machine (no idea how it is called in English) to make embossed paper is so cool. I have seen those on youtube.


Thanks. It's been really a great helper to have that machine. I used to really hurt my wrist just to emboss such patterns.

Don't forget to state your country to enter this raffle contest! @ewkaw!

If you win you can send it to anyone that the Pos of Malaysia can send to 🙂

  ·  작년

Oh I am in Portugal, so I don't think I qualify.
Just wanted to leave a comment :)


Don't worry. I will check. I think Portugal European region still covers. 🙂


Yes. It definitely covers!

  ·  작년

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  ·  작년

Cool, this one goes to:


Thank you my dear.


Thank you! Don't forget to place the name of your country (if it is in the postage list) to earn a chance to win that gift all the way from Malaysia @kingscrown !