Brick kiln is one of the main reasons destruction of natural resources

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Currently where there brick kilns being built.We are facing various problems due to construction of the brick kilns.One of the main reasons is Cropland's decline.There are more problems. I will present all the problems to you step by step. I hope you will read the entire post carefully.
One more thing, I can make many mistakes in writing, Please forgive me if I do any mistake.
The brick kiln you can see now it is also built on agricultural land.There were about two acres of agricultural land here.In fact, they had little land of their own and all land is others person.
Thus,Every year thousands of agricultural lands are decreasing .Which is having a detrimental effect on our agricultural economy.Earlier various types of crops were produced here. Such as rice, wheat, maize, potato, spinach, vegetables etc.How many people used to collect their food from here is not possible todayBrick kilns are not only destroying agricultural land but also harming us in many more ways.

Let's find out what kind of problem it causes:

1.Destroying agricultural land:
Since a lot of land is required to make a brick kiln and agricultural land is used for this land.And as a result, agricultural land is decreasing day by day.And as a result of land reduction, food crisis is being created. Besides, the agricultural economy is suffering.

2.Polluting the environment:
Another major problem of this brick kiln is environmental pollution.Black smoke from brick kilns which is very dangerous for our environment.This black smoke is causing various new diseases. Black smoke is also destroying natural resources.Different types of animals, birds and plants are getting lost.

I have made two posts about brick kilns before. You will find some more detailed information in these posts. If you like it, you can see these posts from here.

3.Crop fertility is declining:
Brick kilns are destroying agricultural land as well as crop fertility.The black smoke from the brick kiln and various other reasons reduce the fertility of the agricultural land around the brick kiln.

4.Noise pollution:
Another major problem that this brick kiln is causing is noise pollution.The soil has to be prepared for making bricks and different types of machines are used to prepare this soil and these machines make a lot of noise.Even then the machine is used again when burning bricks to make a lot of noise.

5.Forests are declining:
Brick kilns require a lot of space.Many times it is not possible to get this vacant land.Then they were forced to cut down the forest and build a brick kiln.It is doing damage to our environment in two ways by cutting down a forest and polluting the air.So finally I want to say that brick kiln is a very serious problem. We should all come forward to solve this problem.

Mohammed Akash

Thank you so much for reading my post with your precious time.If you really love my post, please let me know in the comments.I will always try to write something good but I make mistakes though because people are just wrong.Even then, it is better to come back after realizing the mistakes. And you should promise never to make that mistake again.Anyway I am Akash.I am a student.I am from Bangladesh.My hive account name @akash66

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