Teenage Gangs are involve into the Big Crime in Bangladesh


Gang culture is becoming more and more dangerous in my area of the capital city. These teenagers, active as 'Nine Star, Disco Boys, 9mm and other new named. They were originally involved in 'partying', playing the horn, riding high speed motorcycles and harassing girls on the street. For years they have been involved in conflict between themselves.

Teenage gangs mean crime gang

All are students of school, age 14 to 18 years old and come from rich family. In this time they should take new initiative for their future. But they are becoming dangerous day by day. Their guardians and law enforcement of Dhaka city are all indifferent to these juvenile delinquents 'gangs'. The Teenage Gang' culture started 10 years ago. The teenage terrorized in their area with hockey stick, chapati, knife-stick etc. Currently, there are at least 10-20 such gangs in different areas of the city. Each gang has 30 to 60 members.

Rapid Action Battalion detained 14 members of a teenage gang in 2019

These teenagers become together and attack on any minor issue. I don understand how do they remain out of touch. The victims claim that some one protect them from underworld of these juvenile delinquents. They think that if they don't pull the reins now, they will become even more terrifying in the future.

Listed crime Teenage Gang in Mohammad Pur area of Dhaka City

Vigilant citizens feel that sports and recreation activities, including family breakdowns have been collapsed. In many families didn't give moral education to their children. For these reasons, the lack of values of the society is evident. As a result, teenagers are getting involved in such crimes.

Who will stop This

We are always thinking about our children. In the last 17 years, more than 300 teenagers have been accused in 99 murder cases in Dhaka. We know, our children go to school and study in their class room. we think, they are innocent. When they kill some one then parents are informed.

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