Only time is the difference..

4개월 전

There is a part of us you will never undastand,, dont ask too many questions,, you will not like the answers..

This guy with beard is my twin classic717 and I know people will be wondering why mine is not as much as his own but if you want mine to be like this, surely give me 3months and I will come back looking like him..

I will totally avoid going to the salon.
What I will be doing will only be friction to atleast keep my face smooth.

I love my twin, he inspires me..
Greater part of me lives in him. We have conquered poverty and starvation together.

We truly know how it feels to truly not have anything.


We are grinding so hard so as to ensure that everything gets better because we know definitely, it will only get better.

We care, the twins cares, the foundation cares,, we are the ITSNOBIGDEAL's..

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