Blood connection


Generation to generation history never die. It’s never go under mind. History is abstract but, the purity and the feelings will be okk each and Everytime. That's why we love history and that's why it’s important for us to remind and to take. No, i am not supporting anyone but, my intention in writing this post is to make awareness about the history of Bangladesh.

The politicians always think about history and they believe on history. There have a lot of reasons on it. As far as I think history can make politicians immortal. It is history, from which people can be more effective and people can be more powerful on map.


Most of the time politicians believe on history and the character and there blood. A blue blood is always act on their own past. It move generation to generation. In a serial I got the fact that it could not be easy to forget past generation. Yeah, it’s a very big and famous series. Game of throne, one of the most powerful series in this world. There were a lot of thing to understand there. I would like to reconned people so that they can watch such a beautiful series.


The name of my today's blog is blood connection for only and only to tell that go and search in Google about Bangladesh. We have won our Independence in 1971. We did it in 1947 and we are nationally freedom fighter. It randomly, occour and if it need then we obviously need to do it. If it necessary we nationally do it Again. We want freedom, it’s in our blood.

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