Reasons Why You Do Not Want To Get Down On The Ground Fight

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You usually do what you are taught in your training, I get it. The fact is, it works perfectly on the mat at the gym. But when you are outside on the street, if you apply the same thing, you might end up getting injured instead of defending yourself from attackers.

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People on the street will not attack you the way you practice at the gym. The situation is different. There is no mat on the ground, or maybe you are not in a nice green field with soft grass. So if you fall on the ground, it will not hurt because there are lots of soft grass over there.

The surface can be hard and solid. Somehow if your head hits on that surface, you will wake up in a hospital in the future. And you would be wondering how you made that time travel.

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For the time being, let's assume that there is only one attacker. When you get down on the ground, if the attacker has any weapon like a gun or knife, he will draw his weapon and all he has to do is to pull the trigger or stab. You know what would happen then.

Sometimes the fight might end up on the ground. You can fall on the ground and you can be attacked while you are on the ground. In that case, you have to defend yourself from there and whenever you get any chance, stand up quickly.

In a fight for self defense, you might see there is only one attacker. But there are other attackers who are just waiting. Even if you are good at the ground fight, while you are fighting on the ground, your full attention is on the attacker you are dealing with. You are not in a good position to see other attackers and if they attack you, you will find it difficult to defend yourself from there.

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That's why it is better to fight in a standing position. You can throw the attacker on the ground, but do not get on the ground with the attacker.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!

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