Respect Your Instructor and Have A Positive Attitude Towards Learning (Self Defense Situation # 122)

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You need to have an open mind when you are learning martial arts. If you know some moves, forget that for the time being and pay attention to what your instructor says.

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Welcome back to Self Defense Situation # 122. Every situation is different and you cannot fit one thing in every situation. What works in one situation, that might not work in another situation. When you fight for self defense, your move should be based on the situation.

In this series of posts, we usually talk about different situations and how you can defend yourself in that situation. Today we are going to talk about something different.

When you learn martial arts, your mindset and attitude are very important. Without having the right mindset and attitude, you will just waste your time and money.

Let's go back to basics. You have to respect your instructor. If for some reason, you don't have respect for the instructor, you can learn martial arts from another instructor whom you respect.

If you do not respect your instructor, how can you pay your full attention and do exactly he says to train martial arts? I'm going to share a video. I don't know whether that's for real conversation or not. All video credit goes to Nick Drossos.

Source and Video Credit

So why do you want to learn martial arts and self defense?

To beat up someone or to show off how good you are at fighting. If you learn martial arts to show your power or something like that, you are there for the wrong reason. Martial art is to stop the violence, not to create more.

You make payment for learning martial arts. You paid your instructor, it does not mean that you are the one who says what to do and what not to when it comes to learning a martial art. if you think you already know what to do, you don't need an instructor to learn self defense.

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Without respecting your instructor and listening to him, you are not learning anything. Do you think that if you just know how to punch or do some strikes and that's all in a fight?

Bruce Lee said,

“Empty your cup so that it may be filled; become devoid to gain totality.”
― Bruce Lee

Even if you learned a martial art and you want to learn another martial art, you have to have an open mind to accept new things, otherwise, you cannot learn those moves. You would think you do this that way, so why you would do it in this way. When you learn and explore more, you will understand why you need to make the move that way.

If you have a positive attitude towards learning, you will learn new things easily and quickly. So what do you think about respecting your instructor and having a positive attitude towards learning? Please feel free to leave your comment below.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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