Already for 2 years, Many changes in Steemit, Many changes in my country.

2개월 전

Hello! My name is Samuel Hernández and I have almost reached 600 followers on steemit, I am 36 years old, I am Venezuelan and I was born in the city of Barquisimeto, capital of the state of Lara. All my life I have lived in this beautiful city.


Despite the fact that I have time, apprehending the world of cryptocurrencies for more than 2 years, I have understood that I am in diapers, but that there are many people willing to teach and guide you.


I am married to a very beautiful Venezuelan Edlili Dailin, a beautiful lady who fell in love with her great qualities and her way of being. Especially her smile, she is 32 years old and has a degree in municipal administration and management. We got married by civil and church, we had a relationship of just 3 months but enough to make the right decision...

Together we are sharing the happiness of having 3 beautiful children who fill our lives with much happiness. They are a blessing in our lives with their occurrences, their different personalities, their spontaneities, their smiles and love. We always look for ways to be an example for them and always with the help of God teaching them good principles, unity and love each other as brothers!


Venezuela is a beautiful country full of so many elements that make it a desirable land, we have different types of climates, diverse flowers, a very beautiful fauna, a soil that produces so much wealth and the warmth of the people who are born here.





In Venezuela, all foreigners have obtained a home and a place to develop economically, which has generated a great diversity of people living in Venezuela.

We have something unique in the world that no other country has and it is the December bagpipes, a music typical of the city of Maracaibo for all of Venezuela, also our season and our women make this land something unique.





Sadly, I must admit that my land is no longer the same as it used to be here. They are destroying it and looting our wealth, corruption, dissent and evil have permeated in recent years because those who govern us are people who do not care about anything but their own interests.


Hoping and trusting God that once and for all he does us justice, justice that is what we most desire and that we are governed by just people, progressive and intellectually and socially prepared to return to be what was once our land.

All content and photos are from @sampraise

Until a next Post...



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