Fish Soup With Freshly Picked Vegetables From The Garden


Hello everyone!

I proudly present the dish we have now - Fish Soup With Freshly Picked Vegetables From The Garden and was cooked using fire woods.


Because we are eating most of the time the canned goods and noodles, I let my brother buy fish in the market for us to cook fish soup. I am craving for fish soup and I would like to eat vegetables.


When my brother arrived from the market, he picked fresh vegetables in his garden. He picked sweet potato tops, horse raddish, lemon grass and malabar spinach. Thankfully, my brother planted vegetables in their backyard. We were able to save money from buying vegetables. And we were able to eat fresh vegetables.


Then, I prepared the fire woods for cooking. In the pot, I boiled the water with spices such as onion, tomato, ginger, finger pepper and lemon grass.


When it boiled, I put some salt and magic sarap to taste. While boiling, I put the fish and the sweet potato tops, horse raddish and malabar spinach. Let it boil again. And removed from fire once cooked.


That was our viand tonight. Because we are hungry already. We had our dinner when the fish soup was cooked. I wasn't able to take some picture when the food is in my plate. I ate a lot actually coz I miss eating fish.

After eating, I've been sweating a lot. Coz the weather is hot and I eat hot fish soup.

This is what I like why I am always at my brother's place since the lockdown started. I can eat vegetables from his garden.

So far, we had a nice food and great meal tonight.

Have a great day to us all!



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